Alexandra Kubrak

For almost two decades Alexandra Kubrak challenged herself in a wide array of industries to grow her knowledge and experience in how to apply it. Alexandra’s previous roles in Marketing and Business Operations taught her the challenge solving skills and results-oriented mindset that it takes to innovate and reach desired ROI metrics. During these initiatives, […]

Karin Davis

Karin helps individuals and organizations learn how to make pigs fly! Her area of genius is around helping to dispel common myths about creativity and supporting the development of creative thinking mindset, skills and practices.

Kelly Letourneau

I have a passion for making a difference. With a solid background in non-profit work, a Sociology Degree from York University and a Business Marketing (H) diploma from Centennial College, I have dedicated my career to creating positive social impact. Combining my expertise with a keen interest in digital marketing trends, I excel at driving […]

Allex Laurin

I’m redefining what accessible means for people with physical disabilities. Cheelcare is a Canadian innovative powerhouse that engineers and manufactures products that increase independence and mobility. Our signature product, Companion, is a front-mount power-assist device that clicks onto a manual wheelchair in seconds, allowing users to turn their wheelchair into a freedom machine!

Marissa Caldwell

Marissa Caldwell is a digital marketing maven with over a decade of experience in social media marketing, email marketing, and persuasive & effective marketing copywriting. Her expertise lies in PR planning, communication strategies, and integrally contributing to delightful (high-retention) work environments.

Luke Belcourt

As a seasoned digital marketing professional with 15 years of experience, I specialize in creative marketing strategies that help businesses build brand equity. Having spent the past 7 years as the CPO for the tech company AgentFire, I excel in UX/UI design and leveraging innovative technologies to achieve marketing goals.

Brett Leahy

Next Door Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that provides creative and custom marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. We believe in giving our clients only the services they need. We continually improve our strategies to meet the needs of our clients that help our clients grow their businesses.

Emily Blocksdorf

Emily started Anchors Away after successfully creating content online for large brands as an influencer. Now Anchors Away Photography creates storytelling images for Small Businesses to use on their websites, social media pages & advertisements, as well as offering social media planning to clients & hosts the biannual Build your Brand Small Business Conference.

Valerie Munro

As the Director of Marketing for The Look Company, I am responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s brand and marketing strategy to support North American business growth. My experience includes; brand development, leading and developing digital marketing teams, social media strategies, SEO and content marketing, lead generation and conversion,  project management, and […]