Botree Inc. Advisory Team

As Botree’s director of instructional design, Jordann Bone, OCT turns concepts into action. A passionate cross-pollinator of ideas, Jordann thrives in spaces that disrupt conventional thought processes in pursuit of evolution. Jordann holds a master's degree and post graduate diploma in adult education, leadership and technology and has designed custom programs across a multitude of industries and business sectors.

Jordann is an avid learner and can often be found with a good book from her "to read" list. As the mother of two boys, she has plenty of opportunities to show off her organizational skills. Jordann volunteers with WeUnite as Communication Support.

Jordann Bone

Director Instructional Design

Following an award-winning career spanning various industries, Teena Sauve founded Botree to support organizations in reaching their inherent potential. Drawing from a rich and varied background in healthcare, product development, client relations, management, sales and marketing, Teena’s extensive experience lends a holistic approach to the expertise she provides in strategy, training and business development.

Teena is a dedicated wife, mother, and friend. She is the President of WeUnite, a charity that supports communities in times of tragedy, crisis, illness and loss. Teena shows her passion for new ideas and helping others through all aspects of her life.

Teena Sauve

Co-Founder & Sr. Advisor

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