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For almost two decades Alexandra Kubrak challenged herself in a wide array of industries to grow her knowledge and experience in how to apply it. Alexandra's previous roles in Marketing and Business Operations taught her the challenge solving skills and results-oriented mindset that it takes to innovate and reach desired ROI metrics. During these initiatives, Alexandra developed strategies to build social media presence and generate leads for the sales team through brand unity from the top down. With her team, we developed campaigns across social media platforms (Instagram and LinkedIn), Facebook advertising, YouTube, TikTok, and HubSpot (email marketing). Seasoned professionals can see how people use a platform just by observing. The psychology to their routines are all captured in the trails of content they leave as they like, share, and buy into what matters most. The customer journey is never dictated, and as a futurist Alexandra challenges companies to look further into the content they produce and what it means for overall business model and revenue.

I'm not really interesting. Dogs, food, motorcycles.

Alexandra Kubrak

Owner / Strategist

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