Jess Boken

Jessica Boken is a passionate yoga teacher, a proud mom to the sweetest toddler and the owner of a cozy in-home yoga studio located at Minets Point in Barrie. With a passion for creating intimate and welcoming experiences, Jess has created a sanctuary within her own home where students can escape the hustle and bustle […]

Jillian Whitfield

My name is Jillian Whitfield and I am always interested in meeting business owners of any kind. I love the sense of community that being a small business owner brings. I am constantly looking to grow and learn and hope that maybe there are people out there that could maybe learn something from me as […]

Kelly Letourneau

I have a passion for making a difference. With a solid background in non-profit work, a Sociology Degree from York University and a Business Marketing (H) diploma from Centennial College, I have dedicated my career to creating positive social impact. Combining my expertise with a keen interest in digital marketing trends, I excel at driving […]

Dave Squires

Founding partner of a consulting business that partners with private equity firms to address the human capital needs within their portfolio companies. Through a consultative partnership we provide executive search services to companies throughout the US and Canada. Our focus is on C-suite and VP level positions.

Rich Schlieker

I am currently leading the Canplas organization with budgeting, forecasting, commercial excellence, sales and innovation responsibilities. My background is in sales but my passion and most of my career has been in the innovation space.

Allex Laurin

I’m redefining what accessible means for people with physical disabilities. Cheelcare is a Canadian innovative powerhouse that engineers and manufactures products that increase independence and mobility. Our signature product, Companion, is a front-mount power-assist device that clicks onto a manual wheelchair in seconds, allowing users to turn their wheelchair into a freedom machine!

Leah Dyck

My name is Leah Dyck and I started this community outreach program because there’s an imminent need for it. I’ve been an avid volunteer in my community ever since I attended Georgian College back in 2009. Since then, I’ve completed a diploma in Advertising, and a post-graduate certificate in both Social Media (Algonquin College) and […]

Marissa Caldwell

Marissa Caldwell is a digital marketing maven with over a decade of experience in social media marketing, email marketing, and persuasive & effective marketing copywriting. Her expertise lies in PR planning, communication strategies, and integrally contributing to delightful (high-retention) work environments.

Sandra Parker

I have been a successful entrepreneur for the past 43 years (owned my first business when I was 6!). I broker and manage the largest young family databases in Canada. We reach approximately 97% of the expectant mothers each year and our total active database is just over 3.7 million families. If I can help […]