Top Government Funding Programs for Fall 2022

Fall has turned into winter and Canadians spend more time inside preparing for a new year of change and adaptation as 2022 draws to a close. Several new funding programs and initiatives have been announced by the Government of Canada during these times in an effort to adapt to changing circumstances. In this post, you […]

Save on Energy Incentives and Programs for SME Businesses in Ontario

Through its Save on Energy program, the provincial government of Ontario offers various grants and incentives to households and businesses located within the province. The purpose of this article is to cover the current Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) grants and incentive programs. The current Save on Energy business incentive programs are: (1) The Energy […]

How to Stack Canadian Government Grants, Tax Credits, and Loans

Accessing Canadian government funding is incredibly difficult to achieve without proper planning which can allow businesses to align their projects’ timelines with appropriate funding program deadlines. Many business owners face a problem in navigating government funding applications due to a limited amount of internal resources. Among the strategies we teach business leaders is how to […]

Missed Applying for Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)? More Youth Wage Subsidies

Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) is one of Canada’s largest wage subsidy programs, which provides 50% to 100% of an employee’s minimum wage during full-time employment from 6 to 16 weeks. By the end of each winter, there is no funding left for this program because it is extremely popular. Most employers don’t realize until too […]

Mythbusters: Employment Trends in 2022

Hiring strategies, retaining talent, and recruiting has never been more of a challenge to businesses of all sizes in the year of 2022. In the employment industry today, there are ongoing trends that can really help you understand the current market in order to successfully acquire the skill and staff you need. Check out this […]

The Legal Brief: Anti-spam Legislation & Protecting Your Business

Privacy Law integrates into your business in more ways than one. These are the laws that are all about the storage and usage of personal information which can be retrieved by the government, public or private organizations, or other individuals. From day to day our personal and professional inboxes get filled with emails from corporations, department […]

The Legal Brief: COVID-19 & Employment Law – 2021 Updates


Despite the turn of a new year, the landscape that surrounds the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to evolve. So much so, the province of Ontario has been set back to State of Emergency restrictions, leaving so much unknown about how it will affect businesses, their continuity, and rights as it relates to employers and employees. […]

Marketing 101: Local SEO & Map Stack Ranking

With the recent digital transformation, SEO ranking is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing in today’s world. If your business caters to a local market area, then don’t leave anything to chance. In our recent Experts in Residence session – Marketing 101, Sandbox Centre virtually hosted SEO expert Daryl Woytowicz of Netgain […]