Ontario (ON) Budget 2023 Highlights for Provincial Funding Programs

A report titled “Building a Strong Ontario” was released by the Ontario provincia government. In addition to supporting the government’s ongoing goals of attracting new manufacturing jobs to Ontario, investing in critical minerals and infrastructure, and supporting the healthcare workforce, the budget supports total spending of $204.7 billion. “Ontario Investment Office” an Ontario Made Manufacturing […]

Top Funding Programs for Hiring and Training for Spring 2023 

The strength of a business is determined by its team. Therefore, it’s highly important that small businesses in Canada are aware that there are Canadian government grants available for hiring and training initiatives to help offset the costs of onboarding new employees and/or offering training to new and existing staff. Applicants can access meaningful opportunities through these […]

Conquering Fears and Defying Social Pressure: Achieving Your Dreams!

Sandbox is incredibly excited to post this guest blog post, written by Daniel Lewis – Author, Entrepreneur and International Speaker. In this blog post, Daniel outlines his personal entrepreneurial fears and experiences. He highlights how to overcome those fears and work towards building success. I can’t begin to tell you how many things I’ve done, […]

What Are The OITC, OBRITC, and ORDTC Provincial SR&ED Tax Credits?

The Federal Government offers a research and development tax credit program for businesses called Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED). Most provinces and territories have created their own versions of this program that can be stacked with SR&ED tax credits. Because this federal program has been so successful, most provinces and territories have created their own […]

​Canada Summer Jobs Wage Subsidy – What to Expect for 2023

Through the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program, businesses and non-profits throughout Canada are able to apply for wage subsidies. The program provides up to 50% of the minimum wage to employers in the private/public sector to cover co-ops, recent graduates, and youth hiring costs, and 100% to non-profits. Canada Summer Jobs is a program under […]

What It Means To “Recession-Proof” Your Business

Increasing interest rates, talk of a recession, what does this mean to the business? Having lived through 16+% interest rates in the 1980’s, the .com busts of the late 1990’s, and our collective experiences a few years ago with government support necessary for major industry, what should we be thinking about? Plan for the worst […]

The Rules of Engagement for Finance & IT

Are you in finance and responsible for IT operations?  If so, this blog post is for you. IT often reports to finance, and finance has a limited knowledge of IT needs and operations. The challenge is the understanding in IT policies, decision making models, budget approach, and technology knowledge. The good news is that good […]

Understanding Technology Needs In Every Business Life Cycle

Every business has different needs. Understanding those needs is a major key to success.  Knowing where your business is at in its life cycle can give you some insight into what your business needs might be. It can also help you understand what is required to grow to the next level, what might be holding […]