The World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. The virus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica since first being identified in Wuhan, China, in December. With more than 70 countries reporting new cases of COVID-19, governments and public health authorities are working hard to try to contain the disease, which has infected more than 130,000 people to date.

With travel advisories and restrictions continuing to be put in place in affected areas, Canadian exporters will need to find a way to minimize the risks to supply chains and global commodity prices that COVID-19 could have on their business.The risks of not getting paid from an international supplier, partner or customers will continue to rise and exporters may need to leverage additional working capital from their banks to help alleviate rising business costs. In our webinar, Coronavirus (COVID-19): Managing the impact on global supply chains, we’ll explain how Canadian exporters can be prepared to take on the risk of doing business in rapidly changing international markets and how EDC can help.

Watch to Learn:

  • How EDC is monitoring the impact of the virus and its effect on global supply chains
  • How the virus outbreak will impact the global economy and which countries will be most affected
  • How to protect your company against the risk of not getting paid if your suppliers or customers don’t pay
  • How to get more working capital from your bank

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