Chaotic, overwhelming, challenging – a few of many adjectives businesses owners have felt over the past few months of uncertainty. During these unprecedented times, finding the right speed to drive your businesses’ marketing strategy forward may seem to relate very well with the first three feelings you read in the first sentence. We hear you – and are here to let you know it’s time to shift gears for the better!

One can argue, now is not the time to focus our energy and allocated spend to marketing when we don’t even know what next week has in store for your business. THINK AGAIN! Now is the perfect time to LEVEL UP your marketing strategy and our experts are here to tell you why.

Take that foot to the pedal and floor it – doubling down on your marketing strategy during a downturn can have more successes than you could imagine! Sandbox Centre had the pleasure of teaming up with marketing and advertising experts to deliver first-hand expertise on how to level up and use marketing effectively during a downturn. Check out the video below to dive into some seriously valuable tips for positioning your business for success during times of impact! 

Some of the main points covered include:

  • Historical & recognizable examples of organizations to doubled down during a downturn and came out on top!
  • Where to start – picking the ad platform that’s right for your buyer and their mindset
  • Messaging & Storytelling – best practices for advertising during a downturn
  • Benefits of leveraging e-commerce during a downturn

  • Value of affiliate partnership marketing – how you can diversify your marketing efforts right now

  • Resources: 
    Central Ontario Broadcasting Million Dollar Grant 
    NetGain SEO
    Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre 

meet the panel

Kevin D’Arcy

Kevin D’Arcy – Thinkfuel Marketing, Chief Marketing Enthusiast

As the Chief Marketing Enthusiast and Founder of ThinkFuel Marketing, Kevin strives to provide clarity, honesty, and unique insights into every one of his engagements. Kevin helps companies improve their lead generation, enhance customer acquisition, and increase revenue. With over 20 years of inbound marketing, sales management and marketing automation experience, Kevin brings a straightforward approach to marketing with results that can be measured.

He also has the most adorable hound dog that frequently comes to work with him.

John Arruda

John Arruda – Central Ontario Broadcasting, Client Success Manager 

John Arruda is a radio and marketing professional with 29 years’ experience. As a Client Success Manager with Central Ontario Broadcasting, John works with clients to develop and execute creative advertising campaigns on Kool FM, Rock 95 and Barrie 360. John was Creative Director at Boom 97.3 in Toronto for two years and Corus Radio Barrie/Collingwood for 18 years. He has taught broadcast copywriting at Georgian College. He mixes stadium audio for the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre, serves on the board of the Barrie Film Festival and volunteers with MacLaren Art Centre and United Way Simcoe/Muskoka.

John is curious by nature. By asking great questions, he seeks to uncover the rich stories that live within each client’s brand. Then he crafts strategy and messages to connect with hundreds of thousands of potential customers in Barrie and surrounding regions.

Daryl Woytowicz

Daryl Woytowicz – NetGain SEO, Sales Manager

Daryl Woytowicz is the Sales Manager at NetGain SEO. He helps businesses attract new customers through powerful web marketing strategies.  By improving online visibility, you’ll be found at the exact moment people are searching for your products and services.  And by paying attention to visitor experience, you’ll convert website visitors into paying customers.  For over 12 years, NetGain has specialized in digital marketing in Barrie

Alex Brown

Alex Brown – Dollar Beard Club, Co-founder |, CGO | E-Commerce Rockstars, Founder

Alex Brown is known as one of the leading branding, marketing and operations experts in the global eCommerce industry. He is the Co-founder of the Dollar Beard Club, a subscription-based company that went from zero to $10-million in its first year, and has gone on to get over 500-million online video views and generate over $50M in revenue. He’s a mentor to numerous eCommerce businesses, and has been a keynote speaker on three continents and counting. He is currently serving as CGO of, an 8-figure subscription business for refillable non-toxic cleaning products in the us with a team of over 80 people.

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