Newton’s cradle is a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. Colliding in a fast paced exchange of energy, entrepreneurs are constantly faced with issues that either propel them to success or set them back to the start. This poses the question, are entrepreneurs born or made? Researchers, sociologists, economic theorists, and entrepreneurs themselves have all speculated answers to this ongoing debate. 

Sandbox Centre launched the Pendulum Series, in partnership with Georgian Angel Network (GAN), where our presenters and audience gathered to influence the SBX Cradle of Innovation. Three up and coming entrepreneurs had 10 minutes to pitch their business and challenges to to the audience who are broken out into table groups. The audience in turn shared their own expertise, insight, and willingness to make connections & reduce barriers for the entrepreneurs during this interactive event.

SBX is turning up the dial when it comes to creating a community of collaboration and sharing. The Pendulum Series is focused on a high velocity injection of energy & personal passion into these entrepreneurs’ biggest issues to create momentum that will see everyone energized through collisions; just like Newton’s cradle.

It was our great pleasure to host our inaugural class including Havlar, Mother Clock & Born Legacy.

We had 1 of the presenters offered to bring their pitch forward to the Georgian Angel Network (Title sponsors of the event)
We had 1 of the presenters receive donation of a $20k marketing & branding package
We had 1 of the presenters next iteration of their product discovered & new markets opened up
Countless connections were made with the presenters and of course within our table groups and we’re just getting started.

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