Sandbox Centre 

The year is now 2020

The date is April the 8th 

In honour of the first anniversary of opening our doors, we took a look back at some of the video footage from the device known as the ‘Sandbox Cell’. Generally, this device lives in the hands of our Creative Commissioner. If you don’t like the footage or the video you can blame him. Look, he’s no professional video editor – so just enjoy it for what it is. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, he’s all we’ve got at the moment. This is a look into our digital time capsule … into what has come before. Some of this footage extends back to 2018. If you’re wondering why you look so much younger – that’s why. If you spot yourself in this video, like and share it. Also, accept a hardy CHEERS from us for supporting our journey – as we connect people and their ideas to different business resources. DISCLAIMER : This is only one video source, and does not capture all that we have done. This is just a look into some of what has been our journey…. with you… …. .. .. . .. . . . .. . SANDBOX CENTRE Part 1

Jesse Kerr – Creative Commissioner | Sandbox Centre

Jesse is always multitasking.. . . and seems to thrive when juggling priorities and deadlines.  He’d tell you he’s adaptable because he builds in room for error, adjustment, improvement, alteration and mitigation of foreseeable road blocks into his vision. However, anything that falls outside of this range of acceptability is quickly dispatched because “ain’t nobody got time for that”! He’s not good at collaborating in large groups – but he sure is good at entertaining them!  We’re pleased to offer you his perspective that includes his margin for error; alongside an imagineered vision of greatness. Question is – are we going for good, better or best? Cheers!

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