The Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario (SENCO) has dedicated the entire month of April to creating virtual spaces to connect, share and innovate as a growing sector. Let’s use this time to support one another and put our #changemaking skills into action!

the social shift documentary

The film will be open for viewing every Monday in April between 10 am and midnight. Stream in as part of your new daily routine or with others in your home for a movie night that will inspire you to see the good in the midst of all the chaos. REGISTER Sunday’s by 9pm for the Monday Screening.

After driving 8500 kilometres across Canada interviewing over 50 people in 14 cities, 9 provinces in 6 weeks,

Travel with us as we drive across the nation, floating on a geographic canvas of consumption and inequity, kindness and generosity and, most of all, a drive for change. We will share the stories of fired-up citizens adding a different type of value to the world through business: social value. Value that is not only economic, but improving people’s lives and bettering society; that builds communities, protects the environment, supports local and employs people of all abilities; a type of value that lives up to the responsibilities that our world and future rely on. Hilarious, informative and heartfelt, this is a journey that will leave viewers inspired, engaged and ready to contribute to making the world a more inclusive and sustainable place for all.

what is a social entrepreneur?

The term social entrepreneur isn’t new, but it has just recently become a regularly used word in the business sector. It represents a for-profit organization with a social mission to help people and the environment. In other words, a social entrepreneur is somebody developing a business that earns revenue but also deals with social problems or makes a social impact on the world.

Social entrepreneurs help the global community on a variety of levels. There’s no one route to take when choosing to be socially responsible. Some of the social goals that businesses choose to work toward include:

  • Creating a workspace built on equality
  • Implementing practices which reduce water waste
  • Using recycled products for packaging and production
  • Choosing energy-efficient equipment
  • Developing community outreach programs
  • Supporting local businesses by sourcing locally
  • Starting employee training and incentive programs
  • Donating to causes in the local community
  • Sponsoring local sports teams
  • Hosting information sessions and job fairs for locals

There are many social businesses that have found success by striking this delicate balance between profit, social and environmental goals. For example, TOMS shoes is a rising footwear brand which started because the founder, Blake Mycoskie was sad to see the number of shoeless citizens in Argentina. To rectify the situation, he created a shoe company that provided a good to the public, and for each pair sold, donated a pair to somebody in need. Since then, the company has gone on to achieve several additional environmentally significant goals, such as thousands of clean water projects around the world. In 2017, the company reported a profit of $91 million, of which $8 million was kept as profit.

Jesse with the ladies of Mirror Image Media while they were in town shooting a spot for SENCO about local social enterprise Community Builders

visit us at sandbox centre to find the support you need

Sandbox Centre offers more than just sage business advice. We also connect businesses with law firms, peers, business partners, investors, information sessions, and training. For businesses hoping to dip their toe in the pool of social entrepreneurship, there’s plenty of information to be learned. Sandbox Centre can point you in the right direction and help get you started building a brand to better the world for future generations.

For more information on Sandbox Centre and our services, we invite you to contact us, or visit us on the 2nd floor at 24 Maple Avenue, right here in Barrie, Ontario and join the Sandbox community on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram. Keep an eye out on our events page for coming B Corp & Social Enterprise events.  We’re partnered with SENCO an initiative of Georgian College’s Centre for Changemaking & Social Innovation (CCSI) who inspire, connect and equip those looking to engage in social enterprise to face cultural, environmental and social challenges in our region. Check out their events page for sessions like Social Enterprise 101 and screenings of the Social Shift movie.

Jesse Kerr – Creative Commissioner | Sandbox Centre

Jesse is always multitasking.. . . and seems to thrive when juggling priorities and deadlines.  He’d tell you he’s adaptable because he builds in room for error, adjustment, improvement, alteration and mitigation of foreseeable road blocks into his vision. However, anything that falls outside of this range of acceptability is quickly dispatched because “ain’t nobody got time for that”! He’s not good at collaborating in large groups – but he sure is good at entertaining them!  We’re pleased to offer you his perspective that includes his margin for error; alongside an imagineered vision of greatness. Question is – are we going for good, better or best? Cheers!

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