Royal Victoria Hospital

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is the largest hospital in the Simcoe Muskoka region, serving a population of almost half a million residents. RVH’s team of 430 physicians, 2,500 employees, and 750 volunteers provide exceptional care for various specialties, including regional cancer care, surgical services, advanced cardiac care, dialysis, intensive care, adult and child […]

Emergency Management & Training Inc.

EMG helps build safer communities. Whether your community is a province, municipality, education, healthcare, corporation, large event, or other organization, we assist in protecting your people, operations, facilities, infrastructure, and reputation. We build and deliver plans for emergency management, business continuity, pandemic, safe community, security, fire departments, and paramedic service.

Community Healthcare Consulting

We assist innovative organizations to retain their key staff and reduce turnover. Using our unique blend of a traditional classroom (in person or virtual) and experiential learning, staff teams develop the soft skills necessary to increase effectiveness and efficiency and build resilience. By focusing on psychological safety, reducing workplace stress, building a positive work culture and supporting leadership at all levels, […]

Trainers Choice

At Trainers Choice, our superior knowledge and patient experience has helped design and develop innovative Brace and Support solutions. Our mission is to help you perform your best while getting back to life, work, and sport. 

Trooper Pet Veterinary Nursing

Offering mobile veterinary nursing services independently or as an extension to your regular veterinarian in the comfort of your own home, reduces yours and your pet’s anxiety plus fears all while increasing the convenience of veterinary services. Join the Trooper Pet pack and be a part of the change!