Pink Pigs Fly

We help senior leaders leverage the power of creativity to drive and sustain greater innovation. Our work goes beyond traditional training to focus on sustainable change with a focus on shifting mindsets towards creativity, developing skills and processes to enhance creative thinking and building organizational cultures that foster innovation.

The Breakthru Guru

I help women overcome depression and step into a life of passion and purpose without years of therapy, medication or self help seminars in 90 days through PSI Recalibration.


SuiteWorks is Central Ontario’s premier Business Centre, offering 23,000 sq. ft. of professional meeting rooms, workstations and office spaces. SuiteWorks brings together like-minded professionals that want all the amenities, facilities, and technology of a modern vibrant office space, with the added benefit of networking and the flexibility of customizable packages.

New Territory

New Territory is a Customer Strategy Consultancy dedicated to the growth of Canada’s midmarket. We believe more midmarket prosperity means more people prosperity. That’s why we offer Canadian enterprises a practical path to profitable growth: Customer Relationship Mastery.

Tribridge Solutions

We help entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business while creating healthy engaging workplaces for their teams! We do this using EOS®; a complete proven system with simple, practical tools to help your team clarify what matters most and then focus and mobilize them to quickly and efficiently make that happen. We call that […]

Community Healthcare Consulting

We assist innovative organizations to retain their key staff and reduce turnover. Using our unique blend of a traditional classroom (in person or virtual) and experiential learning, staff teams develop the soft skills necessary to increase effectiveness and efficiency and build resilience. By focusing on psychological safety, reducing workplace stress, building a positive work culture and supporting leadership at all levels, […]

Data Gives Back

Data Gives Back is a unique social enterprise that helps companies drive financial and employee success through training and consulting services in support of grieving children and families. 25% of revenue is donated back to Seasons Centre for Grieving Children.

Michèle Newton

For organizations eager to create an equitable and inclusive workplace culture and to communicate with an equity-based approach, Michèle Newton provides expertise and focus. Her unique lens as a biracial educator, tenured communicator and passionate keynote speaker adds an impactful element to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging strategies in need of inspiration and lasting results.

Ovation Speaker Training

In unique and highly interactive sessions, I help business people overcome their fear of speaking in front of others and step into their leadership presence.   If your goal is to motivate, educate or activate an audience, Ovation training gives you the confidence and leadership presence to do it.  Every time.