Michèle Newton

For organizations eager to create an equitable and inclusive workplace culture and to communicate with an equity-based approach, Michèle Newton provides expertise and focus. Her unique lens as a biracial educator, tenured communicator and passionate keynote speaker adds an impactful element to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging strategies in need of inspiration and lasting results.

Ovation Speaker Training

In unique and highly interactive sessions, I help business people overcome their fear of speaking in front of others and step into their leadership presence.   If your goal is to motivate, educate or activate an audience, Ovation training gives you the confidence and leadership presence to do it.  Every time.

Ask for Directions Training

Ask for Directions and Grow Vantage programs train early stage entrepreneurs to become profitable sooner and avoid costly mistakes that delay success. Practical training and advice delivered by expert entrepreneurs, just-in-time strategic coaching and a supportive community are our three business building pillars that guide entrepreneurs from start-up through growth.

The Other Half Consultants Inc.

Bringing over 25 years’ experience in the charitable sector, we will be your partners, aka your “OtherHalf”, to help build your non-profit’s strategic pillars of operational excellence and sustainability – Board Development & Governance, Strategic Planning, Resource Development and Fundraising and Communication.

Thrive State Inc.

The success of any business is directly impacted by the engagement level of its employees. Employee Engagement Diagnostics are core to our service offering – we help clients identify changes needed to create a thriving workforce that will ultimately transform the company’s performance.

Botree Inc.

Botree is a business advisory and training group that engages organizations to reach their inherent potential and achieve sustainable growth. We specialize in supporting your people, optimizing your processes and creating customized solutions that support the evolution of your organization through communication, education and efficiency.