Electric Motor Coil Company

The Electric Motor Coil Company (EMCC) is an leading supplier of Motor Coils, Generator Coils, Commutators and Slip Rings. We sell to OEM’s and aftermarket customers worldwide. EMCC has automotive industry-type strengths; such as low-cost manufacturing,  labor efficiency models, and automated processes. We have a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

Whoosh Logistics Inc.

Whoosh Logistics Inc is a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse and fulfillment center focused on entrepreneurs who need the right amount of space for their inventory.  We can handle every aspect of your product needs, from importing/receiving to warehouse & fulfillment to shipping, we are your one stop shop.

Black Controls Company Inc.

Black Controls Company Inc. specializes in designing, wiring, and programming industrial controls systems. We work with our customer to create unique and efficient solutions to their industrial automation challenges. From design to project installation, Black Controls can support even the most complex industrial automation projects because of our skilled team.