The CEO CNNX group provides an effective environment for CEOs and Presidents to learn and share current concerns, effective strategies, and other passions in order to secure achievable results within their organization.

Targeting current and former CEOs and Presidents who are responsible for strategic and operational leadership in their business.

Upcoming CNNX Groups

The Fall 2020 CEO CNNX session is led by Co-Founder and Sr. Advisor of Botree, Teena Sauve. 

For most businesses this is a time of unprecedented uncertainty in which the only certainty is the need to change and adapt and seize on the opportunities that inevitably arise out of a major, destabilizing event.  As forward thinkers, today’s leaders have a unique role to play in organizational change management.  

Starting her career in the armed forces, Teena has carved out a unique career path that has amassed her experience in corporate management, business development, healthcare and leadership coaching in the public and for impact domains.


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