We’re not overly corporate, in fact, we’re decidedly “uncorporate” by design. You can find a few resources here that are pretty base level to make sure our culture doesn’t contrast (too much) with those of others in our ecosystem.

Press Releases

Occasionally we have time to stop and talk about what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with! Our blogs and social channels will usually provide the most up to date happenings around SBX. But for those other things that are a little more official, you can find those here.


We operate in a wide open fast paced ecosystem, that requires regular pivots (ahh the entrepreneurial life). Not only do we connect people and their ideas to resources, we’re always coming up with ideas of our own as well to proactively improve our programs and grow our support network.


If you think that you would thrive in this type of environment, we won’t discourage you from raising your hand and making it known you’d be open to opportunity as it arises! Send us a little about you and why you think you’d fit right in to the Sandbox world and our culture through email :

[email protected]

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Click Here to read the Sandbox Centre for Shared Entrepreneurship & Innovation’s privacy policy. Grab a beverage, you may be a while on this one.


Questions? You’ve got’em and we’ll answer’em as best we can. Click Here for our FAQ’s.


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want more information
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