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As a leader in your organization, you know that communication can be tricky. Critically important conversations happen every day, often with no warning. Misunderstandings arise all the time, especially when stakes and emotions are high, or people have to make important decisions together. Being able to navigate these important conversations is at the heart of influence and leadership.

Misha Glouberman will present a short workshop on difficult conversations. Called a “mix of Peter Mansbridge’s smarts and Conan O’Brien’s wit” by The Globe and Mail, Misha will lead a highly engaging workshop that dives deep into the challenges we face in tough conversations, and practical strategies for better outcomes.

Misha’s workshops are highly practical, fun, and above all, participatory. Come prepared to talk and connect with other participants. Attendees are very strongly encouraged to log in using a computer (not a tablet or phone) with cameras on.


This month’s topic: NEGOTIATION – How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

Guest Speaker: Misha Glouberman, Keynote Speaker, Ivey Business School Faculty Director, Co-Author

CNNX Champion Facilitator: Teena Sauve, Co-Founder and Sr. Advisor of Botree Inc.

Date: Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm, virtual webinar




Who should join: Vice Presidents, Directors, Owner/Operators, CFOs, CMOs, CAOs, CIOs, etc.

Executive Leadership CNNX: Intended for Vice Presidents, CFOs, CMOs, CAOs, CIOs, Directors, and many more
executives of the business community. This session gives executives the opportunity to participate in the
development and sharing of essential skills that will assist in the contribution of success to their teams,
CEOs, and Presidents. Aiming to encourage open discussions about shared challenges and providing
feedback on best practices.

Interested in seeing what this CNNX group has to offer? We may be able to give you the secret knock… Email info@sandboxcentre.com for more info!


Facilitators & Presenters:


Misha Glouberman, Guest Speaker


Misha Glouberman is an author, consultant, and facilitator. Misha is a faculty director at the Ivey School of Business, a keynote speaker at The Lavin Agency, and co-author (with Sheila Heti) of The Chairs Are Where The People Go, which was named by The New Yorker as one of the best non-fiction books of the year. His work focuses on helping people transform conflict into collaboration, have difficult conversations in a productive way, and talk about what really matters.



Teena Sauve, CNNX Champion Facilitator, Co-Founder & Sr. Advisor of Botree Inc

Co-Founder and Sr. Advisor of Botree, Teena Sauve is a driven entrepreneur with a diverse background.
Starting her career in the armed forces, Teena has carved out a unique career path that has amassed her
experience in healthcare, corporate management, business development, leadership coaching and not-for-
profit. This plural skill set has led to her vocation, optimizing businesses through people and process. Her
professional career developed alongside her passion for community networks with an undeniable
synchronicity. Over the past decade Teena has cultivated a grassroots not-for-profit organization aptly named
WE Unite. With the organization's 10th anniversary upcoming in 2020, WE Unite has begun the process to
become a registered charity. The organization's 300 members have made a significant impact on the region
through fundraising for local families, hands-on volunteerism, female empowerment initiatives and charity
collaborations that have gained them recognition both municipally and provincially. WE Unite's mission is to
"make a difference through purpose" and have a vision to see every community in Canada host a branch of
their grassroots community group.


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