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** Please note due to evolving uncertainties related to COVID-19 our CNNX groups have moved to a virtual platform!

Come together with other Sales Professionals to experience growth and development, while connecting through best practices and sharing challenges. The SBX Sales CNNX Champion will guide conversations and provide feedback that surrounds prospecting efforts, pipeline generation, building and maintaining key accounts, and more – all to assist in achieving your performance goals.


DATE: July 7. 2020 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Ask someone, “What’s the key to your success with your most important accounts?” and you’ll often get, “It’s the strength of my relationships with clients.”

But if relationships are so important, why are sources like The Challenger Sale saying, “… in a world where findable business has all but vanished, Relationship Builders are doomed to fail”?

The fact is that business relationships are just as essential now as they have always been. If you strengthen your relationships across your accounts the right way, your efforts will translate into increased revenue.

In this webinar, SBX Sales CNNX Champion Gord Smith of Alta Consulting will cover the key components of relationships that yield maximum ongoing revenue and referrals.


  • Why rapport and relationships are important, but not enough to win the sale on their own
  • Where most relationships fall on the relationship strength meter, why, and what you should do about it
  • What top performers do to find out about their clients’ perception of their relationships
  • An introduction to our What Sales Winners Do Differently research
  • How collaboration is key to strengthening your relationships and becoming essential to your customers

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Facilitators & Presenters: Gord Smith, BBA, MBA, Founder and Managing Partner, ALTA Consulting

Gord Smith is a seasoned sales and marketing leader having worked with a number of leading technology and service firms such as Deloitte, Ideaca, SAP, Hitachi, Siebel Systems and NCR.

As a passionate lifelong learner and believer of constant reinvention, Gord brings his broad range of global leadership experience to his clients. Recognized for his expertise in Sales Performance, Marketing, Leadership Development, Training, Product Development and Management Consulting, Gord will skillfully work in partnership with you to help maximize growth and drive revenue through your organization.

Thriving on a challenge, Gord has always jumped at opportunities to move outside his comfort zone. He is driven by his 3 personal pillars – learn something new, have fun, make money. He has collaborated on many start-ups as well as run several of his own businesses. He is passionate about growing companies. Your success is his goal, mission and reward!

As Canadian Practice Director for RAIN Group, Gord has worked with dozens of North American organizations to train and empower their sales teams to unleash their sales potential and drive revenue. Gord is also the Founder of ALTA Consulting, a boutique management consulting firm that helps companies engineer more revenue. Using the Scaling Up methodology, ALTA specializes in working with small to mid size organizations that are looking to grow rapidly and profitably. Gord graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and holds a MBA in Strategic Planning from the University of Windsor. In keeping with his passion for learning, Gord also teaches in the graduate program in marketing at Seneca College.






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