How many times have you entertained the idea of applying to receive funding for your business, but didn’t follow through because you were afraid of the process? 51% of Canadians say they are too afraid to try and apply for government funding. Why? Because they don’t know how to apply or where to go.

There is a known perception that there are SO many government grants out there for your business to take advantage of, but in reality, SO little time for you to commit to what the process may entail to actually access the funds needed to accelerate your growth. Let us demystify that for you!

Writing your first grant application may seem intimidating. Should you hire a grant writer? Possibly – but it’s not necessary. Did you know 60-80% of a grant application can be re-used? Grant funding is a supportive way to grow your business, when the funding aligns with your business goals.

Sandbox Centre, in partnership with MENTORnetwork, invites you to join us for a three part online program where you will develop a Funding Roadmap by aligning your business goals with government grants and accessing money to accelerate your growth.

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Program begins September 22, 2022

• Canadian small businesses who will be hiring, investing in R&D, adopting digital technology or exporting in 2022. Team members who typically attend this program may be from: Operations, HR, Product, Marketing or Finance.

• Businesses who want to access government funding without the need for a grant writer or consultant.

• Founders and CEOs who are ready to receive the support many of their peers already are.

Developing Your Funding Roadmap

Begin by receiving support with creating a 90-day action plan to pursue funding that supports your hiring, innovation/R&D, export and operational goals over the upcoming year.

Funding Program Research and Evaluation

Understand the landscape of funding programs and how to find them. By digging into the nature of funding programs, you’ll learn to evaluate and assess if they’re a fit for your business. Acquire and implement a funding research system to keep your team on top of new grant programs and be notified when they open. Explore free/low-cost tools to continually identify programs that meet your needs.

Evolving Your Funding Application Building Blocks

Becoming “GRANTready”. Review the most common sections of grant applications to develop copy that will serve as the building blocks for your next funding opportunity.


Live Online – 3 weeks

Thursday, September 22nd, 3-4pm

Thursday, September 29th, 3-4pm

Thursday, October 6th, 2-4pm


Available for duration of the 3-week program and up to 3 weeks after wrap-up


Program Price: $250.00/ person

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Jeremy O’Krafka is the Founder of MENTORnetwork and the Funding Roadmap program. Over the past decade he has worked with accelerators, innovation and small business centres to help hundreds of small businesses like yours, find and access government programs best suited to their growth goals. He is a Senior Grant Writer with GetGrants, Funding & Partnerships Manager with TimeSaved and EiR with the DMZ Innisfil.