As the pre-eminent connector of people & their ideas to business resources within Central Ontario our strength comes from our connections within the Sandbox community.

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Sandbox Members comprise the fabric of our local economy.  From startups, to scaleups and long standing members of the community; SBX Members represent business at all stages.  We’re happy to build a more connected business ecosystem that accelerates our economy.

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Our Partners represent a diverse range of companies that are dedicated to creating a more connected and sharing business community. These partners’ multi-year commitments represent a significant investment in Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Changemakers.

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Our Community Partners are key to the success of the Sandbox Centre. Through our committed and passionate partnerships, Sandbox Centre has been able to ignite business innovation throughout our community and beyond.

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These are organizations in the business community who strive to better business and the community through their own efforts. Those who we support as Friends, we lend a hand to them where we can as they would with us.




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We could be considered the “what you don’t know store”. Our job is to know what is available so we can directly connect you to business resources.  

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