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Our Partners represent a diverse range of companies that are dedicated to creating a more connected and sharing business community. These partners’ multi-year commitments represent a significant investment in Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Changemakers. Their generous contributions have allowed Sandbox to expand our reach both in our community and beyond – enabling us to fulfill our mission of providing access to the best business resources from around the world.

If there is anyone of our Partners you’d like us to connect you to – by all means, just say so!


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Sandbox is always looking to create new experiences that will redefine the entrepreneurial journey here in Simcoe & Central Ontario.

We are looking to reimagine our environment through experiential installations in 2020. Partners who are interested in bringing big changes to ‘the way things have always been done’ are our type of people. If your organization is looking to transform your impact in the region and you are open to some bold ideas, or even have some of your own – we’re looking to work with you to change the game in 2020 and beyond. Let’s talk about ideas you may have and see where we can align on the programming and series’ we’re launching!

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