What does joining the sandbox centre mean to your business?

COnnection to all the resources you need to succeed!

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Membership comes with access to our SBX CNNX Groups.  These are industry agnostic monthly workshops focused on professional development for you and your organization through knowledge sharing.  CNNX Groups are facilitated by seasoned professionals who re-focus, re-engage & re-vitalize your approach.  

Make the commitment to professional development

Whether it is for you or your team, connection to community, expertise & shared knowledge awaits!

rise the tide for our region

It is critical that we connect our local ecosystem in order to generate greater potential for growth & development. The idea that “a rising tide floats all boats” is at the core of our “why” and a large chunk of our founding principles.

There isn’t always time to look up from the immediate demands of operating your business. As the central connector for the region, we come to understand what resources are available here in Central Ontario. We get to know just enough about you and your business to ‘be dangerous’. This helps us understand what would make you a good connection for others and vice versa. We then strive to fill gaps and remove barriers through our member & partner network to get you where you need to go.

As we make connection to those in our regional business ecosystem, we create a stronger infrastructure for growth. You could very well be the connection to expansion, development & growth for others walking the path you’ve conquered.


Host your group in our Small, Medium, Large or X-Large Boardrooms. Check availability here and contact us today!

Boardroom booking credits

As an added bonus, Members receive a 50% match of their membership fee in SBX Bucks available to be used toward boardroom booking.  Host your departmental meetings, leadership team, professional development days, guests, training days and more in the upscale SBX setting.