What would joining the sandbox centre mean to your business?

rising the tide for our region

A rising tide floats all boats.  This idea is at the core of our “why” and a large chunk of our founding principles.

personal & Professional growth

CNNX Groups are facilitated by industry experts who re-focus, re-engage & re-vitalize your approach.

Through knowledge sharing we build community.  More often than not; all you really need is someone who can relate to the challenges and opportunities associated to the responsibilities you hold for your organization.

“If you are looking for expert advice/ to network or learn new strategies SBX CNNX Groups are exactly what you are looking for!”

Make the commitment to professional development

Whether it is for you or your team, connection to community, expertise & shared knowledge awaits!

Sandbox COnnects you to the resources you need to succeed!





“The Sandbox will be a game-changer for the local businesses that choose to engage! There is so much value in getting together with other business leaders to share best practices and there’s no place better to do that than the Sandbox!”

becoming a known resource

The SBX Team gets to know just enough about you and your business to ‘be dangerous’. This helps us understand what would make you a good connection for others and vice versa. 

By introducing potential partners and facilitating conversations we form trusted relationships.  We’re always on the lookout for good partnerships to help business at all stages grow!  

“Being a part of the Sandbox is such a unique opportunity in the business world, it brings people from different organizations in the community together and promotes collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. By creating a space that promotes a shared learning culture, Sandbox enables our local community to stay ahead of the curve by cultivating strong business relationships which provides us with the opportunity to grow from the knowledge, experience and skills shared by others in the community.”

INterested in BECOMing A MEMBER?

You’re just a click away!  We’ll happily reply and set a time to talk more on the idea!


Host your group in our Small, Medium, Large or X-Large Boardrooms. Check availability here and contact us today!

Boardroom booking credits

As an added bonus, SBX Members receive a 50% match of their membership fee in SBX Bucks available to be used toward boardroom booking.  Host your departmental meetings, leadership team, professional development days, guests, training days and more in the upscale SBX setting.  





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what does the sandbox do?

We could be considered the “what you don’t know store”. Our job is to know what is available so we can directly connect you to business resources.  

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