The existence of inequality and bias is rising all over the world. The need to create meaningful, lasting change and impact is only growing stronger. 

Even in organizations striving to lead their industries on diversity and inclusion, many current “gold standard” interventions are not effectively reducing bias or inequality. 

 Sandbox Centre, in partnership with Tidal Equality, excitedly invite you to join the Equity SequenceTM  Program. Delivered IN PERSON, the Equity Sequence™ is a system of 5 simple questions you can learn and become equipped with to use to spot bias in your day-to-day work and decision-making, and transform it to be more equitable and inclusive.

Do you observe or experience inequity and care about making change? Join us. Whether it’s a quick leap or a massive cannonball, now is the time to jump into creating a wave of epic impact for the future of our organizations, our region, and the next generation of courageous innovators. 

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Program begins november 2, 2022
  • Lead our region in playing an active role to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Reduce bias and increase equity where we live, work, and play
  • Curious about learning what does and doesn’t work when it comes to trying to create equitable behaviour change
  • Educate teams at any level to utilize a new perspective when it comes to drafting communications, planning events, writing policy, designing strategy, creating programs, and MORE
  • Contribute to making more equitable decisions
  • Empower your people and organization to build equality from day one
  • Identification of exciting near-term and real-world opportunities to apply the Equity SequenceTM to the benefit of your organization, your culture, and the people you serve
  • Understanding of biases and inequities faced in the current landscape through collaborative, effective, and engaging conversations about building equity, while applying learnings to real-life scenarios
  • Equipped with tools to expand equity by asking a series of powerful equity-focused & strategic questions without judgement, and with curiosity and respect
  • Leave feeling confident that building equity is possible, good for business, and uplifting
  • Conclude with a certification of achievement

What is the investment?

Program Price $220.0 / person

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program outline - 21 day challenge

Phase 1:


October 2022 | 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Kick of the 21 day challenge! Participants come together and connect to and discuss the compelling reasons, both social and organizational, to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. Look for new ways to solve the problems of bias, discrimination, and inequality by learning the Equity Sequence™. Whether you are new to Equity Sequence™ or you have been practicing for a while, you will gain new insight and inspiration from this launch.

Phase 2:


October 2022 | Online

If you’re new to Equity Sequence™, you will use the 21-Day Challenge phase to first learn the Equity Sequence™ online with a supportive community of changemakers from around the world before applying the Equity Sequence™ to a real-life scenario. If you have learned the Equity Sequence™ already, you are challenged to commit to applying the practice during this 21-day challenge phase. All participants will have the opportunity to capture their insight, innovation, or impact from applying the practice. Learners will have identified exciting near-term and real-world opportunities to apply the Equity SequenceTM to the benefit of your organization, your culture, and the people you serve.

Phase 3:


October 2022 | 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Not only will you reflect on your personal experience of the 21-Day Challenge phase, you will be able to share your insight, innovation, or impact with the rest of the cohort. Here we can crystallize and reflect on learnings, troubleshoot any particular challenges that came up, and explore opportunities for collaboration, expansion, and application. Be supported in identifying the linkage between business challenges and equality challenges. Together we will celebrate the many ways equitable and inclusive change has been made.

“The Equity Sequence was amazing. It is and will be a game changer for all of us here. We loved how practical the questions are and how easily they can be utilized across many different channels. I am already using them in program design!”

– Program Participant, Equity SequenceTM

“My biggest takeaway was what I consider the most important question in the sequence which was who is this designed by, for, with, and without. This was my aha moment and is such a simple funnel to run everything through to ask yourself if what you are working on you are doing it with equity in mind.”

– Program Participant, Equity SequenceTM

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Inspired by the best research in organizational change and the tactics of successful social movements of the past and present, it’s been called “the one thing that’s been missing in the D&I space for 30-odd years” and it will launch you on a journey to continuously evolving your work and decisions for greater equality.

Invented in 2019, Equity Sequence™ is now taking root in some of the world’s most innovative organizations by people from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, ranks, and roles, who are frustrated with the pace of change and inequality that remain the status quo.

This powerful practice will change how you think about the role all of us can play in building more equitable organizations and a more just society.