This program is created for coaches, mentors, advisors and community leaders to develop key competencies, build capacity across communities, and learn how to respond to the needs of all social entrepreneurs and innovators with an inclusive lens.

Research and lived experience reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified social inequities and highlighted existing barriers for entrepreneurs from marginalized communities. This is especially true for woman-identified and nonbinary entrepreneurs*, who are often unable to access what they need from business coaching and traditional supports in order to build thriving and sustainable social enterprises.

We have a chance to collectively rebuild our economy in a way that includes and supports all entrepreneurs, while also fostering social innovation that will positively impact our communities. As coaches, mentors, and community leaders, your role in the system allows you to be changemakers as we rebuild towards this shared prosperity. Sandbox Centre, in partnership with Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network (WOSEN) and Pillar Nonprofit Network, is thrilled to provide an online program tailored to support coaches, advisors and community leaders supporting social entrepreneurs and innovators interested in developing the tools and skills required to support women-identified and non-binary entrepreneurs using an inclusive lens.

You will gain:

A shared vision for an inclusive, sustainable and just economy

  • A better understanding of the current landscape in your local context: the gaps; barriers; inequities; what works and where change is crucial

  • Time for self reflection to consider your role and impact in the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • New skills, tools and resources to expand your toolkit

  • Socially innovative approaches and frameworks to better serve unique entrepreneur needs

This program will:

  • Be offered digitally with free admission

  • Build the learning in 4 separate Modules

  • Include continued learning in between modules

  • Run regionally in Northern Ontario

  • Establish a post-program community of practice

  • Conclude with a Certificate of Completion


Thursday, February 25th, 2021 9am-12pm

In this module, we ask the question, “What does something different look like?” We will explore principles of Inclusive Economy and Just Recovery. We will identify our role as changemakers and entrepreneurial ecosystem members and recognize that our collective influence has enough power to change the status quo.  


Thursday, March 11th, 2021 9am-12pm

In this module, we will gain a deeper understanding of the current local context. We will examine the barriers that marginalized entrepreneurs are navigating and how we, as supporters, can shift this reality. To inform this discussion, we will hear from local entrepreneur guest speakers as they share their stories of navigating a system that wasn’t built for them. We will also consider the impact of COVID-19 and how it has exacerbated already entrenched inequities. 


Thursday, March 25th, 2021 9am-12pm

This module invites personal reflection around power, privilege and identity. In order to create change, we have to recognize where we hold power, so that we can influence positive shifts in the economic landscape. We will also consider the impact of our identities and privilege on those we intend to serve.

Module 4 | ACTION!

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 9am-12pm

In this module, we put it all together and ask, “So, what now?” Now that you have gained a new awareness and understanding, we will review the practical tools that enable you to better serve all entrepreneurs. Throughout the program, you will have been gathering resources to expand your toolkit so the entrepreneurs you support can step out of the margins and be positive and active contributors to their communities. We will also co-create a plan to stay connected, continue the learning and build our network.

*Please Note: Registration is intentionally limited in order to  create a deep and enriching learning experience. For this reason, please choose one person per organization (preferably someone that will bring the learning back to their colleagues).

If you are unable to commit to the whole program, please reconsider registering. Sessions will not be recorded.

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