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For all who aspire to leave their mark and be the change they want to see, the time for action is TODAY. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Time is really the only capital that any human being has -and- the only thing s/he can’t afford to lose  

Beginning with Awareness > we will inspire you to take Action < through Connection > we will enable you to create Change < These are the 4 tenets of SandblogX 

With a decisive focus on #entrepreneurship #intrapreneurship #socialenterprise #womensentrepreneurship #youthentrepreneurship from a #decidedlyuncorporate lens. We’re bringing curated perspectives from around the globe and the local Sandbox Ecosphere, providing you with insight & access TODAY



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is the key


is the first step


is the goal

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The Real People of Social Enterprise

#SOCIALENTERPRISE The Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario is an initiative of Georgian College’s Centre for Changemaking…find out more ->  Oct 24.2018  The Real

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