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Why you need to know about social impact

There’s a reason the phrase #socialimpact has become more & more of a buzzword on social channels like LinkedIn, FB + Instagram, the One Degree Network, Twitter and other reputable sources in todays flooded media… because it’s important 

If you’re reading this and thinking “I don’t know anything about social impact” don’t worry, we’re here for you.  The team @SandboxCentre are your premier group of Social Impact connectors.  In fact, I’ll say it; we’re Central Ontario’s premier resource for Social Impact, b-corporations and #socialentrepreneurs

"When you think of a societal challenges like unequal access to education - do you want to be a part of the community finding a solution"

Let’s dig a little deeper on why you need to know about social impact.  Let’s get out of that FOMO you may be experiencing right now. After reading this short article, you can expect to increase your personal awareness and be well on your way to action.

There is NO (agreed upon) definition of what social impact “really means”.  In the simplest language; it is A significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge“.  In todays world of interconnectedness, international business partnerships and an increasingly higher diversity in the workplace; finding solutions to social challenges are more important than ever before.

I’d like to pose a question to you.. When you think of a societal challenges like unequal access to education – do you want to be a part of a community finding a solution |-OR-| do you want to be on the sidelines watching someone else impact that challenge? To keep in touch with the ever evolving opportunity https://sandboxcentre.com/sandblogx/ you’ll always find more here.

Wherever you choose to stand; Social Impact is a HUMAN CONCERN requiring human action.  It is not a YOU concern or an I concern – it affects EVERYONE negatively or positively. Everyone can be a part of creating more social impact in the world.  It can be as micro as holding the door for someone or being there for a senior suffering social isolation.  Equally, it can be as macro as building a business that positively changes the social world forever.  

That’s the amazing part of social impact; anyone can affect positive social change in their community.  If you still don’t feel the desire to build more social impact into your daily routines, here are some more universally accepted rationale: 

It encourages us to define impact

Do your actions create a positive impact in the world?  One of the only portions of our days that we are in full control of is our response to perceived stimuli.  In the flash of an eye a moment changes and we are in control of how we respond to the outcome. Before acting on a situation, ask yourself, “Will my actions create any more positive impact in the world, or someone’s life?  If the answer is NO – move on with a smile and continue with your day.

It helps you stay true to your mission

Your values, beliefs and mission statement are what drive you – pushing you in the direction of community, work and relationships in most areas of your life.  By building social impact into your daily routine, you can ensure that any actions or thoughts you have will be aligned to your own personal mission statement.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it? 

It creates integrity in social markets

This is an extremely important outcome of building more social impact in the world.  Everyone deserves a chance to succeed and should have the same access to resources as everyone else.  When we build positive social impact, we build equity, opportunity and integrity.  We bring the human into the business, because they are intrinsically inseparable

Positive social impact creates value

We can create true, replicable value in the world when we build social impact into our lives.  We can change traditional approaches, disrupt old school thought – we CAN make a better world for everyone to live in. Simply knowing is never enough when it comes to creating positive social impact.  You MUST be willing to make it a consistent part of your life.  Make it a mission to leave your positive mark on the world. 

Think of this article as your beginning moment, the time you decided to take positive social change head on to begin to change your world forever. If you need support along the way; the #sandboxcentre is your resource.  We are your rallying point – your push to say ‘I CAN DO IT’

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