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B CORP 101

You want to achieve the highest standard for business globally and don’t know where to begin or who to ask about what you don’t know.

DiSC PArty

DiSC® is a personal assessment tool to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

Equity Sequence

Become equipped with the framework and tool that can be used in every day life, work, and any key decision to reduce bias, make it more inclusive, and equitable.

Noteworthy Managers

Action oriented resources you can immediately apply to become an effective leader, drive performance, communication, retention, and engagement.

Trade accelerator

Accelerate the strategic development of your business and better prepare for expansion into international markets.


63% of millennials believe it’s crucial to develop leaders at all levels

Deals FOR

Your Whole team

& Your Core


Teams of 10+ eligible for an extra 50% savings

productive people

The SBX ALL ACCESS Membership for 7 creates space to up-skill your team for better collaboration and productivity!

Commit to grow

The SBX ALL ACCESS Membership for 8 will cement your commitment to your teams personal growth & development!

empowered leaders

The SBX ALL ACCESS Membership for 9 will empower leaders to make proactive decisions that positively effect the bottom line!

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M-F 9-5 SBX Access

Collision Space / Lounge

Private Chat Booths

Free Wi-fi

Designated Workstations

Elevator Access

Print / Copy / Fax $$

Community Presence

Socially Distanced Space

Waterfront Views

Barrie’s Best Patio

Staffed Reception

Short Walk to Restaurants

Boardwalk Trail

Free Water

Bistro Access*

Food Deliver-In Option

Dog Friendly**

Indoor Bike Parking

First Coffee on us!

* Bistro Access will be phased back in as Provincial COVID restrictions stabilize

**We love well trained dogg-o’s! Just make sure to talk to us about it first!


SBX CNNX [kah’nex] is about personal and professional development. Company leaders, executives and entrepreneurs across many different industries come together for these specialized sessions.  SBX CNNX is organized to collectively engage over meaningful roundtable discussions in a non-competitive setting. Fall 2021 SBX CNNX groups focus on CEO, Export, Finance, Marketing, People & Culture, Sales & Biz Dev and Women in Business are intentionally kept to a smaller, limited size to ensure all voices are heard and the space to learn and grow is created.

Every other Thursday 4:10pm – 5:10pm we get a little informal and a little more connected! Sign on from the device of your choice, and just be there! Network, interact, chat, meet someone new and renew existing relationships. 

Bring your bevvy of choice for a virtual cheers, followed by 30 to 40 minutes of calamity that is speed networking! This is one of our premiere connecting events and it fills up fast with a broad cast of characters.

SBX and our Members believe in ‘rising the tide for the community’. The Advisory Network makes you easy to find online and puts you at the front of the conversation. You’ll get a little SEO boost by being featured on the Advisory Network page and the community will get a big boost by being able to access you with one click.

This is your opportunity to take your connection with the business community beyond the logo and into the heart of what you exist to do and how you can help.  Being part of the Advisory Network signals that you’re open for business with an invitation to connect direct to yourself and your team.

Often overlooked, the management role requires an entirely different skillset! Many of our skills are transferable, but not as naturally as we might think. Research shows that only 1 in 10 people naturally possess management skills. Tenure and success give the experience required for management roles, but they don’t necessarily guarantee the skills. A manager who isn’t given the opportunity to develop their role-specific skills can lose traction with their team and in turn, the organization loses momentum to succeed.

Our DiSC Party is a great day spent understanding yourself & your team!  In this half day workshop you’ll empower yourself to work, communicate & collaborate better – which will help you get along better with everyone you work with!

At a surface level you’ll explore the personality and behaviour drivers of everyone in your workplace based on the DiSC model: 

  • DiSC style, priorities and shading, as well as your motivators and stressors
  • Overview of the DiSC styles, how you react to each, and strategies to improve your effectiveness
  • Tips and suggestions for improving your working relationships with everyone in your organization

SBX Online HUB is our all-in-one digital SBX Member community.  Find, register and attend events through the SBX HUB online and through the SBX App! Find out who else is a SBX Member and connect using the SBX HUB directory and direct messaging features.

Join the online forum for CNNX Groups you’re a part of. Carry on conversations from your CNNX Groups or catch up on what you missed with ‘After The Hour’. These CNNX session recap conversations are where we go deeper with our facilitators into the ideas and opportunities presented exclusively hosted in the SBX Online HUB.

Finally, get social with the SBX community by posting on the wall, joining social groups and staying engaged even if you’re not physically in the Sandbox space!

Sandbox Centre helps people create a better life through business. With clear views of the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, Sandbox overlooks the Spirit Catcher landmark from the heart of the Downtown Barrie BIA.  An accessible and innovative space waiting for you to meet with others, turn ideas into reality, strategize, plan, and grow your community of like minded individuals. 

SBX is a one of a kind space in our our region.  There is a certain magic that happens when people come from a place of giving with a keen eye on developing their community.  What we’ve found is immense growth happens within our members and that certainly leads to greater prosperity through connections made both personally and professionally. 

Deals FOR

Your Whole team

& Your Core


Teams of 10+ eligible for an extra 50% savings

productive people

The SBX ALL ACCESS Membership for 7 INDIVIDUALS provides the opportunity to up-skill your team for better collaboration and productivity!

community of innovation

The SBX ALL ACCESS Membership for 8 INDIVIDUALS will spark innovative mindsets that keeps your team focused on operational growth!

influential leaders

The SBX ALL ACCESS Membership for 9 INDIVIDUALS will spark innovative mindsets that will provide a greater feel for the future!