Are you stuck in the day to day, always in the business, with no extra time left to place importance on strategic growth?

Sandbox Think Tank is a collaborative partner network, working directly with established businesses to evolve their operating capacity. Through guided implementation in 4 sprints of key strategies, documentation and processes, businesses that participate in the Sandbox Think Tank create a resilient foundation for structured scaling.

Simply put, SBX Think Tank takes you from working IN the business to working ON the business!

Get More Out Of Your Business

Who Does Sandbox Think Tank Support?

Sandbox Think Tank has a specific focus on established businesses 2+ years in-market. Why? Statistics show this period of time is where 37-86% of Canadian businesses fail. Additionally, Sandbox Think Tank will support those who have recently purchased an existing business as well as generational successors.

What is the outcome?

Sandbox Think Tank is focused on moving the revenue needle by increasing operational proficiency. Our delivery partners establish working relationships with our entrepreneurs to offer customized support across the following areas of focus:


Application Window : June 27th-August 1st

Application Review : August 1st-12th

In Person Applicant Interviews : August 15th-19th

Successful Applicants Announced : August 22nd

Sandbox Think Tank Program Launches : September 12th

Sandbox Think Tank has a hybrid delivery model running over 13 weeks from September 12th – December 9th, 2022.

Through the combination of a series of on-demand video learning with one-to-one digital touch mentorship and ‘in-class ’sessions; you’ll work your way through the progression of 4 sprint phases. It is anticipated you’ll likely spend 4-8hrs/month working through the sprints digitally and 3-6hrs/month in-person at Sandbox Centre.

Create A Better Life Through Business

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