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What is keeping you from reaching your highest potential? Going to the next level? If we could think of a top three answer, mainly for entrepreneurs, one would be self-doubt.

If you ask Jan Bailey, Expert Speaker Trainer for @ovationspeakers , she would agree. With similar thoughts at a pivotal moment in her career trajectory, Jan had to dig deep when it came to observing a question that kept her up at night “why am I not where I want to be?” Now more than ever before, it is important in business and in life to recognize the value you bring with the lived experience that you have gained in your life and how it can benefit others.

Jan learned there is a power in leveraging what you have learned in the past whether it be through education, career expertise, or professional experiences, and how you use that to elevate yourself and others around you.

Hear in this video how Jan turned elements of imposter syndrome into shared strengths that can support other’s successes.

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High Tides & Good Vibes 🌊: Meet @barristonllp !

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re faced with many challenges or opportunities that could pose legal concerns for how you operate. It’s important to not let the complexities get in the way so that you can focus on getting business done.

Barriston’s business law team has the go-to trusted advisors for small, medium, and large business entities throughout central Ontario. Providing sound advice and expert counsel for business owners and leaders through a comprehensive range of cost-effective business law services, this gives you the time you need to run the business with peace of mind, knowing that your legal concerns are covered. Their Business Law Group is one of the largest in the region, boasting 3 of the 26 Certified Specialists in Ontario, with four offices spread throughout Central Ontario.

If you see Janice at SBX, ask her about what’s on her current reading list, or if you see another member of the Barriston team introduce yourself and feel free to pick their brain about anything legal!

Which Sandbox Member is rising the tide next? Stay tuned to find out!

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The SBX Team was OOO and on location at @horseshoeresort on Friday 🏂🎿

We rode some gnarly runs, spun around one two many times and shared a cheers with the great company of our SBX Members! 

Shout out to the Horseshoe Team for hosting us! If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to check out what Horseshoe has to offer before ski season ends - you won’t regret it.

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🎥 [BEYOND THE BUSINESS] 🎥 You know what is cool about the entrepreneurship journey? Every single one is unique. It’s like they all have their own genetic makeup that leads the person directly where they are supposed to be.

Why start? It could be based on passion, purpose, or a bit of both. Many entrepreneurs face many failures, before they hit the sweet spot. Although, it’s not without saying dedication, hustle, and grit are a few key ingredients to making it. Robert Stewart, Founder & CEO of @whitetuque, started his entrepreneurial journey with passion, past valuable career expertise, and experiences in his back pocket knowing there were gaps he needed to fill as far as business plan basics go. All it took was one warm introduction to get Rob connected to the people that he needed to turn his idea into a business.

Launched in September 2021, Rob founded a cybersecurity boutique firm to develop unique and efficient solutions to help mitigate cyber risks, and help businesses and organizations of all sizes defend themselves against cyber threats. In its first year of operations, White Tuque has grown to 8 full-time employees, 2 part-time advisors and are currently filling multiple newly created roles expected to start in 2023.

Hear about how Rob has utilized the power of connections and local resources to grow his business, with the Sandbox community being an active support system.

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Would you rather: speak to an audience of one or 100 about your business?

Our guess? The majority’s response is one. No doubt! Effective communication is the only bridge between where your business is and where you want it to go. Yet, most people aren’t as confident as they would like to be when standing in front of an audience.

Sandbox Centre’s Women in Biz Sunrise Social continues for its second session on March 7th where we will discover your story. Led by Jan Bailey of @ovationspeakers, we will uncover strategies needed to shift the focus to the client while sharing the essence of what you do. ✅

Link in bio for more details 🗣️

Presented by @barristonllp @scotiabank @bdo_canada 💙

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High Tides & Good Vibes 🌊: Meet @trooperpet !

In the hustle and bustle that life has to offer, convenience and quality time can definitely be two secret ingredients that could contribute to leading a more fulfilling lifestyle.

We as humans aren’t the only ones that can benefit! Much like going to the doctor or appointments that bring anxiety to our lives, reducing the stress and anxiety in our pets from visiting the Veterinarian can lead to a healthier pet and a happier human. So how do you do that? From medical pet services, to grooming services, and pet supply shop, Trooper Pet Veterinary Nursing offers affordable, convenient mobile services in the comfort of your own home to focus on quality of life and overall health for your pets.

If you see Becky at SBX, be sure to share your stories about your fur friends and ask her about her own - Cooper! 🐾

Which Sandbox Member is rising the tide next? Stay tuned to find out!

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Long weekend recharging & reflections start now 💭

Build that battery back up, because you never know what opportunities lay around the corner waiting for your jetpack to be turned on and launch you UP to new heights!

🔹Content inspo from: @valuethe.mind

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