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How To Take Your Startup Team From Good to Great

The SBX Team is incredibly excited to debut this week’s blog post, How To Take Your Startup Team From Good to Great, written by Fahd Alhattab! Sandbox had the opportunity to host Fahd as the keynote speaker presenting at our

Authentic Leadership With The Scotiabank Women Initiative

In an SBX guest blog contribution, Mike Tasevski, who heads up Global Sponsorship for Scotiabank, talks to Deborah Moore, Executive Coach at Halia Consulting about being authentic with your team. Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share

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SBX Influencers

SBX Influencers represent a diverse set of perspectives that we strive to include in our own mission to help people create better lives through business. SBX Influencers have become the voice of the Sandbox, echoing the belief that we’re stronger together.  They are sharing their knowledge, breaking down barriers and connecting people and their ideas to the resources they need to succeed. We’re honoured to partner with our SBX Influencers and encourage you to engage with them as individuals and their organizations, on your own journey to success.


Nicknamed “the negotiator” since childhood, Fotini is an expert communicator with a passion for helping organizations and individuals get what they want. For the last decade, she has been helping Fortune 500 clients and audiences to achieve their business goals, increase profitability, and create a competitive advantage.

Fotini delivered the keynote to our Women In Biz CNNX Groups


Fahd has spoken to +50K people across North America on leadership and been named Rising Star Speaker and Most Entertaining Speaker by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Working alongside his team at Unicorn Labs, Fahd is committed to giving start-up founders the leadership skills to build Unicorn companies

Fahd delivered the keynote at our 2020 AGM

Women's Leadership & Diversity

As the leader of over 10,000 employees, Lisa helped build FedEx Express Canada into the most reliable courier network in the country.

A member of the IWFC Toronto Chapter and The Prosperity Project™, she is also one of 13 Diversity 50 CEOs and a renowned public speaker. Lisa is an inductee to the Women’s Executive Network’s Hall of Fame as one of Canada’s most powerful women.

Lisa delivered the keynote to our CEO CNNX Groups

Navigating conflict

Misha is a faculty director at Ivey School of Business, a keynote speaker at The Lavin Agency, and co-author of The Chairs Are Where The People Go, which was named by The New Yorker as one of the best non-fiction books of the year. He focuses on helping people transform conflict into collaboration, have difficult conversations in a productive way, and talk about what really matters.

Misha delivered the keynote to our CEO & Exec Leadership CNNX Groups


Ron is an award-winning advertising writer and Creative Director for some of the world’s most respected brands. He is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Church+State, publisher a best-selling, award-winning satirical book, executive producer and host of the hit podcast, The Coup. In demand as a speaker on innovation, branding and purpose leadership, Ron speaks to leading organizations all over the world.

Ron delivered the keynote to our CEO CNNX Groups

leading with confidence

As a Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, Raia (also known as Coach Carey) is passionate about encouraging others to tap into the confidence they never knew they had. Creating “The Confidence Talk” has allowed her to provide corporate wellness workshops where she strives to inspire and lead those around her by providing unwavering support, guidance, and motivation.

Raia delivered the keynote to our Women in Biz CNNX Groups

scaling in the digital world

Neal guides entrepreneurs and organizations by providing practical and pragmatic insights. Neal’s focus is to ensure you walk away better equipped to manage the realities you unwittingly face in the online world everyday. Having served as a mission-focused Marine, a multi-million dollar startup co-founder, a warrior, champion, and partner; he empowers people by aligning their goals and their values without compromising their beliefs.

Neal blew minds as keynote to our Executive Leadership CNNX Groups

financial accuity

Robyn is the President at Castlemark Wealth Management, holding the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. She also holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation, indicating the attainment of the professional standards and expertise necessary to provide money management services to high-net-worth and institutional clients.

Robyn delivered the keynote to our Women In Biz CNNX Groups

Revenue, Growth & Development

A seasoned and creative leader with a unique combination of senior finance and operations experience, equally comfortable and effective in delivering against both short and longer-term fractional mandates.  Jeff has a proven track record of strategically leveraging and integrating functional areas to facilitate organizational growth and development.

Jeff regularly delivers keynotes to our Finance CNNX Groups

Inclusive Community Development

Christina Lord is a Caribbean-Canadian, spiritual woman, mother, and award-winning humanitarian. She holds a Masters in Adult Education (Community Development) and focuses on creating inclusive communities – locally, nationally, and globally. Having committed 40 years of her professional and personal life to the betterment of others – within Canada, U.S.A, the Caribbean and South America – Christina strives to promote global consciousness and unity.

Christina delivered a gripping keynote for our CEO CNNX Group

MIssion Critical MArketing

An innovative, tech-centric, B2B and B2C global marketing leader with career success in integrated marketing, corporate communication and public relations in retail, SaaS/Cloud and enterprise software companies (pre-IPO and mid-sized). Erin has a track record in overseeing the development of best-in-class integrated campaigns from strategy to execution. Her strengths include creating connections, cultivating lasting relationships and driving revenue growth, customer retention and competitive market advantage through game-changing marketing initiatives.

Erin rearranged minds during the keynote to our Marketing CNNX Group

Rapid Scaling

Thriving on a challenge, Gord has always jumped at opportunities to move outside his comfort zone. He is driven by his 3 personal pillars – learn something new, have fun, make money. He has collaborated on many start-ups as well as run several of his own businesses. He is passionate about growing companies. Your success is his goal, mission and reward!

Gord regularly delivered the keynote to our Sales & BizDev CNNX Groups

Getting connected to our sbx community

Our community partners, sponsors & members represent a diverse range of organizations dedicated to creating a more connected and sharing community. Our strength comes from our connections within the Sandbox community. As the pre-eminent connector of people & their ideas to business resources within Central Ontario we take pride in uniting people & companies to grow though a culture of sharing. 

Check out our community pages to see who we can connect you to!

What does business success actually look like to you? 🔍

The formula is unique - to everyone. Whether you're in startup mode or full on scaling, the exciting part is that at any point you have the ability to change the so-called myths and turn them into YOUR reality.

Any myths you've proven wrong during your journey through business or entrepreneurship? We wanna hear them in the comments below!

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If you know SBX, you know an epic charcuterie setup is always a go-to event snack choice 👍🧀

This National Wine & Cheese Day, we can't help but reminisce (and maybe drool) back to all the delicious charcuterie action that fueled the collaboration and connections happening in the space.

We hope you're celebrating with the finest wine and cheese on this Sunday! 😎

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An 'end of week' practice 💭

When the week goes by in a flash, it's easy to get caught up in all the small tasks that flooded your inbox to see the bigger picture. Don't overlook the blue sky thinking you accomplished to keep you flying high and creating positive impacts.

Time to zoom out a little 🌤️

. 📷: @sophia.joan.short.

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We've missed you! 🎉

SBX is beginning our phased reopening and we. cannot. contain. our. excitement! The SBX team has created a safe and confident space for you to come enjoy our patio views and get your hustle on once again.

Missed the announcement that was posted in the HUB? Starting next week, our outdoor SKY'S THE LIMIT meeting space will now be available for Members to book by appointment - LINK IN BIO to snag your spot now!

Our gratitude goes beyond words when we think about how incredible our Member community has been to support each other and SBX. See you soon 👏

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Summer is here – time to spice up the way you do business. 😎

If you’re looking to increase creativity, connectivity, and productivity like Team SBX, then give a walking meeting a try! Did you know? Research has shown walking meetings can increase creativity by 81 to 100%.

Reimagine the way you can work this summer. Let us know in the comments if you’re giving this a try or have any tips for refreshing your day-to-day routine!

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Do you know someone who:

👉 never stops hyping you up, even when you're down

👉 always highlights your strengths, talents, and positive attributes to keep you thriving

👉 widens your perspective to new ideas, opportunities, and solutions to elevate your journey to success

Tag or share this post with someone who is always cheering you on! 🌟

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Green Thinking: Waste Audit Review with Busch Systems. Flashback Friday 🎥

When SBX first opened, we knew integrating sustainable practices in our space was something to not only strive for, but be committed to. We hosted over 10,000 people throughout our space within the first year for meetings and events and diverting waste continues to be a top of mind priority. Was it difficult? Heck yes! Do we love a challenge that can help maximize our recycling goals? Heck yes!

Check out this video where our partners @buschsystems and their waste diversion specialists supported us in 2019 just after opening with a waste audit to uncover some of the challenges, while providing solutions to help boost our waste diversion. SPOILER: They're rockstar tips helped us SO much!

Fun fact: Did you know Busch Systems is B Corp certified? They're not only talking the talk, they're walking the walk when it comes to sustainability and doing business for good. 🌎💙

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Is being a B Corp Startup attractive to traditional investors?

With so many new businesses circulating in Canada, it gets tough for investors to decipher the good investments from the risky ones. Many investors find themselves asking whether a B-Corp start-up is the right choice for them. 🤔

SBX works with a variety of business models throughout a myriad of industries. By supporting businesses in their goals to achieve success, we’ve come to learn a lot about good investments, especially those involving B-Corp start-ups!

If you’re an investor considering an investment in certified b corporations, OR a startup considering the benefits of B-Corp certification and how it can enhance your business - we've got what you should know.

Check out the blog by clicking our LINK IN BIO to get in the know and find out what it takes to become B Corp certified ✅⬆️

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SBX CNNX: Winter/ Spring 2021 Wrap-Up!. 2020/21 posed a pivotal moment for many, personally and professionally. With the recent digital transformation, SBX knew we had to pivot with the times. Our popular in-person CNNX groups suddenly turned digital and we were off to the races!

As a result of this digital change, we brought out 'After The Hour', a member exclusive benefit that allows you to take CNNX offline! If you missed a session or just want to reflect on a session you attended, members can now access After The Hour episodes through the online SBX Hub.

So, SBX Members, what are you waiting for?! Come along as we reminisce and celebrate the Winter & Spring CNNX sessions through showcasing notable thought leaders, recognizing our incredible CNNX Champions and reflecting on all the learning moments that occurred.

We would like to give a special shoutout to our SBX Members & Partners for continuing to learn, share and connect with us as we continue to take on this ever changing landscape. We can't wait to welcome you back into the space to continue to grow this incredible community. 💙

🎵 Good For You - THDB

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