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Be seen, heard, and recognized here. Find a social network that plays as hard as they work and is known to establish strong relationships that move the needle forward.


Overlooking beautiful Kempenfelt Bay, this is the place of creation and collaboration. Get inspired and motivated by other like-minded people outside of your typical day-to-day office environment.


Be a part of creating long lasting impact built by your contributions to supporting the business community.



Take part in a wide variety of programs designed to expand your horizons and support your personal development.


Find the guidance you need to reach your goals in business and life through seasoned contributors in our business community.

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Online or in person, we connect people and their ideas to business resources. We believe a rising tide floats all boats, and when you show up from a place of giving you will always receive. Guided collaboration, shared collective knowledge, and breaking down barriers are a few key ingredients we provide to support your journey to success.

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Do you ever just feel the need to Press Pause? Us too.

In one week join Sandbox Centre for a morning of yoga and mediation where we will be empowered with valuable tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, fostering mindfulness and self awareness amidst the demands of a busy professional life.

Led by @yoga.withjessb on Friday September 29th, come move with us! RSVP at our link in bio 🌅

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Your m o n d a y reminder 💭

Embracing a failure as a possibility to being a part of your journey is a courageous step towards growth and achievement. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you from taking action. Every stumble is a lesson, every setback is a setup for a comeback.

Here’s to a fearless Monday 👏

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📢 Calling all C-level executives!

Exciting Announcement! Sandbox in partnership with Georgian Angel Network will be hosting a 3-day program this October to level up your business strategy skills, based on the program of strategy tools, canvases and the Transform Simulation. The program will equip you with the mindset, skills, and strategies to navigate industry shifts and successfully transform. Learn from real-life examples and interactive simulations.

Join us on September 26 for a free information session hosted by Stuart Morley and Glenn Tjon of Strategy Tools to learn how transformational this program will be for you. 🙌

Learn more at our link in bio!

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High Tides & Good Vibes 🌊: Meet Electric Motor Coil Company!

In a world where competition is fierce and customer expectations are sky-high, operational excellence can be a secret weapon for companies.

As a best-in class facility and fully equipped on-site testing laboratory, Electric Motor Coil Co. is a proven industry-leading supplier of Motor Coils, Generator Coils, Commutators and Slip Rings. EMCC prides themselves on having the most innovative and automated coil manufacturing equipment in the world, allowing them to bring automated coil manufacturing technology to any OEM custom coil.

If you see Lucas at SBX, feel free to chat him up about his fishing adventures, we want to know how many lures he’s lost…

Which Sandbox Member is rising the tide next? Stay tuned to find out!

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There’s no better way to cruise into a long weekend than to reminisce on a day full of positive energy and good vibes 🌞

We hope you enjoy these memories from Ambitious AF as much as we do.

Cheers to the long weekend!

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Soaking up the summer patio mornings for as long we can 🌞

Have you had a chance to visit, get some work done, or share a cheers on the SBX patio this summer? Let us know in the comments 👇

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High Tides & Good Vibes 🌊: Meet @growvantage

There is a lot to do as a start-up. You need to refine your product or service, research your target market, build your sales techniques along with your materials and develop both your financial systems and business processes. Whew!

How can you speed up the learning process? That’s where Grow Vantage can support. Helping entrepreneurs learn to successfully run their business, maximize profitability and avoid the pitfalls that can cause early business failure. Be supported by a business mentor and entrepreneurial trainer to design, launch and grow their businesses; teaching strategies in marketing, sales, communications, and finance, and techniques to increase productivity in your business.

If you see Patricia at SBX, be sure to ask about her podcast “Women Positive”, or tap on her shoulder with a challenge she may be able to solve!

Which Sandbox Member is rising the tide next? Stay tuned to find out!

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It’s already been one month since 120 women in business gathered at Sandbox to explore new connections, perspectives, and opportunities for growth. Personally and professionally, the definition of ambition was different for everyone - and that was the beauty of it. ⚡️

We still feel the energy from this day and continue to hear the positive impacts, but let this video be a small glimpse into what was shared. When a montage video features a conga line… you know there’s some FOMO to be had 😉

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We’ll always take 5 ⭐️s when it comes to our venue and our people!

From everyday meetings to hosting corporate events, Sandbox has you covered! You’re going to want to come and see why it’s an A+ experience - hit our link in bio to book a tour 😎

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