What is the Sandbox Centre?
  • The Sandbox is a business hub that is open and accessible to the entire business community
  • Sandbox is where business and community are united for people & companies to grow through a culture of innovation
What does the Sandbox Centre do?
  • Sandbox connects people & their ideas to business resources; where guided collaboration and sharing of collective knowledge support their journey to success
What are the hours of operation at Sandbox Centre?
  • 9a-5pm Mon-Thurs & 9a-4:30pm Fridays
  • Closed Holidays & Winter Holiday Dec.20-Jan.6 2020
Where is the Sandbox Centre located?
  • 24 Maple Ave. 2nd Floor Barrie,On L4N7W4
Can I book a Boardroom at Sandbox Centre?
  • Members have access to book Boardrooms through Member portal
  • General Public can book Boardrooms through sandboxcentre.com
What amenities are included in a Boardroom booking at Sandbox Centre?
  • We have a variety of options to suit your needs from Small,Medium, Large & X-Large Boardroom Spaces
  • Each Room has a dedicated 55” monitor with HDMI input
  • Each Room has a dedicated in-room audio system
  • A 9’x18’ dry erase board with markers
  • A dedicated land-line with speakerphone option
  • In-room dedicated Wi-fi
  • Technical support for amenities from Sandbox staff
How many Boardrooms does the Sandbox Centre have?
  • We have 3 Boardrooms that can be configured in 5 different ways to accommodate your group
Are there different Boardroom set-up options?
  • Yes, there are several pre-set room configurations
  • You can select your preferred set-up during the Boardroom booking process
Can I book Boardrooms outside of the hours of operation?
  • Please consult with Sandbox Staff directly for availability of bookings outside of hours of operation
Is there and additional charge for booking Boardrooms outside of the hours of operation
  • Yes, please consult with Sandbox Staff directly for rates & availability
What are the timelines surrounding booking a Boardroom
  • You can book up to 48 hrs in advance
  • You can book up to 3 mos. in advance using the online booking tool
Can I book multiple Boardrooms across multiple days?
  • Yes, if available you can book multiple rooms across multiple days
  • Please contact Sandbox staff directly if you would like assistance
Can I book multiple Boardrooms for different times on the same day?
  • Yes, if available you can book multiple or different boardrooms for different times on the same day
  • Please contact Sandbox staff directly if you would like assistance
Can anyone book a Boardroom using the online booking tool?
  • Yes, General public can book directly on the website at published rates
  • Appointed Sandbox Administrator can book through the member portal
What is an appointed Sandbox Administrator?
  • This is the contact your organization has appointed to manage their Membership Account & booking credits
Why is there an appointed Sandbox Administrator?
  • To ensure that the management of booking credits is effectively managed
  • To mitigate the chance of double booking through communication breakdown within an organization
  • To mitigate the chance of Cancellation Charges for late or NO-SHOWING a Boardroom booking
  • To add clarity to communication of Boardroom bookings between your organization & Sandbox Centre
The appointed Sandbox Administrator for my company is unavailable to book a Boardroom - now what?
  • Please contact Sandbox staff directly to discuss options
Why can’t I book a Boardroom using the online booking tool?
  • You may not be logged-in to the website
  • Your computer may be unplugged
  • You may not have access to use the online booking tool
  • You may not be the appointed Sandbox Administrator
  • The Boardroom you want to book may not be available for the requested date
  • You may have used your allotted booking credits and need to replenish them to gain access to the online booking tool
What is the Sandbox’s Cancellation Policy?
  • We accept Boardroom cancellations up to 72hrs in advance at no charge
  • There is a 50% charge for Boardroom bookings cancelled less than 72hrs in advance
  • There is a 100% charge for NO-SHOWING a Boardroom booking
  • There is no charge for cancelling Drop-In bookings
Are the Sandbox Centre Boardrooms accessible?
  • Yes, we have automatic door openers installed
  • There is an elevator as we are located on the 2nd floor


Do you have kitchen facilities on site?
  • We have a large bistro with plenty of counter space for your catering needs
Can I have my Meeting catered?
  • Yes, you can have your meeting catered
  • We have several caterers we can suggest depending on your dietary preferences or restrictions
  • Caterers can set up in the kitchen space
  • We ask you/caterers DO NOT bring milk & creamers / sugar / stir sticks / extra coffee cups / plastic water bottles / single use plastics / disposable cutlery / paper plates etc.
  • We have copious amounts of glassware, silverware, dishes, milk & creamers, sugar, water jugs as well as a filtered water dispenser at ALL times on-site
Can I bring my pet into the Sandbox?
  • Yes, Therapy & Guide dogs are welcome in the Sandbox, we ask that you let us know when you plan on bringing yours with you
  • No, pets may not be brought into the Sandbox without direct consultation with Sandbox staff
  • Maybe, if it’s a frickin’ Shark with lasers or a Liiger (make sure to consult us still)
Does the Sandbox Centre allow drop-ins?
  • We are not a drop-in centre or shared office space
  • We have select days where there will be public drop-in access
  • Follow us on social @sandboxcentre for more information on this availability
  • Check our online events calendar here for drop-in availability
  • We can connect you to existing drop-in centres or shared office working spaces in the region
Do I have to be a Member to go to the Sandbox Centre?
  • We have many public facing opportunities to experience what the Sandbox has to offer
  • The public is always welcome to come to learn about the space during operating hours
  • We encourage the business community to attend events that are in our calendar at com
How do I become a Member at Sandbox Centre?
  • You can fill out the Membership Application here
  • There are 2 options for Membership; Member (organization) or Associate Member (individual)
What do I get as a Member of the Sandbox Centre?
  • You can see the Member benefits here
  • Members have access to the SBX CNNX groups
  • Members have right of first refusal for event attendance
What is SBX CNNX?
  • These are groups of related industry professionals who come together to connect & share their own experiences in a familiar environment
  • These groups are for professional development and community building
  • These groups are tailored to the individual roles the industry professionals may play within their organizations ie. Sales Leaders, HR Leaders, Biz Tech, Executive Leadership, SMarketing, Finance Professionals etc.
How do I become a Sponsor at Sandbox Centre?
  • You can fill out the Sponsorship Application here
  • There are 3 options for Sponsorship
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Please speak directly with Sandbox staff for customization / proposals

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