Sandbox connects PEOPLE & their IDEAS to business resources; where guided collaboration and sharing of collective knowledge support their journey to success!

Sometimes those business resources are an organization, other times it could be a program. Most often, it’s another person who can break down barriers and provide insight by sharing their knowledge with you.


To be recognized as a thriving hub for shared innovation and entrepreneurship in Simcoe, Central Ontario and beyond.

Think of us as a galvanizing force for the region.  Our job is not only to bring thought leadership but to shine a light on the leaders that are already innovating right here. 

We’ve got a vast network (that we’re always looking to expand) of professionals who are ready to support you on your journey to success.


Make change happen. Increase diversity. Increase resiliency. Increase equality. Grow companies. Grow your skills. Promote & showcase innovation. Promote the community. 

We’re here to connect the dots.  Our job is to know what is available to you and connect you to those business resources.  We could be considered the “what you don’t know store”.  

We want to see you succeed. We’re partnering with those in the community who also want to see you succeed, because a rising tide floats all boats!


Sandbox connects people & their ideas to business resources; where guided collaboration and sharing of collective knowledge support their journey to success.



Craig Busch
Thomas R. Ambeau (Tom Sr.)
CEO, Ambeau Consulting
Joanne McPhail
Co-Managing Partner, Barriston LLP
Sergio Morales
Councillor, City of Barrie
Gerry Price
CEO & President, The Look Company
Kelly McKenna
Exec Director, Downtown Barrie BIA
David Jupp
VP Sales & Managing Partner at Near North Customs Brokers
Teena Sauve
President, Botree Inc.
Jamie Doran
Executive Director, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Georgian College

Interested in joining our board?

The Sandbox Centre is searching for a new interim Member of our Sandbox Board of Directors who can help us to continue to kick it up a notch.  We need someone with integrity, accountability, imagination, and passion.  We’re looking for someone who understands how to make things happen and who can plug-in to our passion to help create more outcomes for our business community. 

The role currently available is an interim one that carries a term through to our AGM currently set for the Fall of 2020. At that time you can seek out a 2 year term.

The purpose of the Sandbox is to connect people and their ideas to business resources here in Simcoe & Central Ontario. We break down barriers and fill gaps in the ecosystem in order to serve entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and businesses at all stages, supporting them on their journey to success.

The Board is composed of nine members, five of whom are elected by the Members, on a rotating basis, every two years. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 5-7pm, often followed by a cocktail and some great discussion.

The Board oversees a scrappy team of 4.5 that is always pushing forward.  There is no ‘off’ switch or time to waste. They are continually in drive, working autonomously while maintaining a high degree of synchronicity to push forward with purpose.

Tell us about yourself, why you are interested in serving on the Board, and what you would bring to the table.  Send us your autovideographical (just innovated that word – see how quickly things change?) account of why you’re interested in seizing the opportunity. If you’re used to more traditional written forms of communication – that’s fine too.  

Bonus marks will go to those who are already part of the SBX Ecosystem – especially SBX Members. However, the right people will surely shine through; familiar or not to us today. We won’t discount those who haven’t met us yet – we’re looking forward to connecting with you.

Be yourself! We want to feel ‘you’ come through the screen (or page) while you talk about your plan of attack and reasons for wanting to join our Board of Directors. In 2 minutes on screen -or- 1 page in print, let us know what gap you would fill on our Board and how that would elevate our collective ability to share knowledge and connect our ecosystem to drive economic growth. 

Email / WeTransfer your submissions to info@sandboxcentre.com with the heading

SBX Board Directors | Your Name + Something Catchy by May 31st,2020

Founding PArtners

Our Founding Partners have been visionaries, helping establish the concept of the Sandbox Centre and have helped make this dream possible. We’re deeply grateful for their generous support, time and collaboration.

Founding Media PArtners

Getting connected to our sbx community

Our community partners, sponsors & members represent a diverse range of organizations dedicated to creating a more connected and sharing community. Our strength comes from our connections within the Sandbox community. As the pre-eminent connector of people & their ideas to business resources within Central Ontario we take pride in uniting people & companies to grow though a culture of sharing. 

Check out our community pages to see who we can connect you to!

What would joining the sandbox centre mean to your business?

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