Instagram engagement is a key aspect of businesses in today’s digital world. SBX Guest Blog & Podcast Contributors, Angela Doyon and Nat Caron, founders of The Social Focus, break down the 7 photos to post to get more engagement on Instagram! 

Looking for more engagement on Instagram? In today’s episode, we’re chatting about the importance of engagement and are sharing 7 Photos To Post For to get More Engagement!

What do babies, puppies and Kylie Jenner have in common?… You can be sure that if you post an image of any one of these that it is sure to get a ton of engagement!

To start, we want to remind you that engagement is not about getting more ‘likes’.  Likes do not prove that something is good, helpful or even useful.

In fact we now live in a world that popularity is perceived as being good.

What we are always trying to communicate is how important it is to provide great content for your followers. Not simply pretty photos.

We do however know that these are the posts that are becoming part of the 2020/2021 trends on Instagram. And that these will also help your business grow.

So here we go. These are the top 5 Photos that can generate engagement:

1.User Generated Images

2. Show off your team

3. Your Pets…. we know, it’s kind of obvious, but dog owners feel connected to dog owners. Same with cat owners…. horse owners…. hedgehog….

4. Flatlays that shows off your products, your tools, favourite books, what your morning looks like, etc.

5. Selfies

6. Inspirational Quotes – created in Canva, but also a great photo you took of a quote on a wall, or in a book, etc.

7. Behind The Scenes


AND be sure to tune in for the BONUS suggestion! Seriously…. it’s gold!

Listen to the episode below! 

about the authors

When it comes to Brand Photography, Commercial and Architectural Photography as well, Nat Caron has become a well known creative, innovative, and highly recommended Photographer across Ontario. She has run a photography studio in her home town of Barrie, Ontario for 18 years, and continues to work with businesses from small startups to large corporations. When photographing people, her ultimate goal is to create a comfortable environment, and put her clients at ease. While creating content that tells a story about who they truly are.

She teaches Social Media Content Creating via The Social Focus (A business collaboration with Angela Swann-Doyon). The Social Focus has become a platform to teach business owners how to scale their business on Social Media through a Membership site – The Social Storytellers Community. And also teaching through their highly Rated and Reviewed Podcast – Instagram For Business – with The Social Focus.

With over ten years of combined marketing, event and wedding planning experience, Angela merged her marketing talents with her creative eye to develop a business that helps her clients with their visual marketing strategy. As a Social Stylist, her intention is to design and connect businesses to their customers by creating imagery that is intentional, unique and scroll-stopping. Her portfolio includes lifestyle, interiors, service-based businesses and product styling.


As co-host of the podcast, online course and community, Instagram for Business – with The Social Focus, she and her business partner Nat Caron, share their expertise and insights on all things creative marketing, social media while still maintaining a social life. The online course and community  is a platform that educates businesses that are looking to grow on social media while being supported along the way as part of the community.

Want to see and hear more from Ang & Nat? Catch them at our March Women In Biz CNNX session happening on Thursday, March 16th, 2021. Here, Nat & Ang will discuss Maximizing Your Personal Brand in A Digital World!

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