Getting media exposure for your business shouldn’t be a mystery for any entrepreneur. Did you know since the pandemic started your opportunities for landed media interviews have expanded? That’s because media interviews are happening virtually. 

In this SBX Guest Blog post, Jennifer Singh, CEO of She’s Newsworthy Media, breaks down the 8 steps you should take when reaching out to producers or reporters for media coverage for your business.

How you should be using TV to generate revenue 📈

Did you know your media marketing plan should be so much more than a three minute interview on TV? Landing media and sharing your expertise with the masses is huge and cheers to you — but then what?

Media is just one part of your marketing puzzle and it’s how you LEVERAGE that interview that matters most. Are you leveraging your TV spots so that they:

  • Generate more leads into your business that converts?
  • Help you book podcast interviews that are in your niche?
  • Land you speaking gigs where you don’t have to pitch?
  • Help you land paid brand partnerships?
  • Solidify you as an expert when you pitch corporate workshop?

So much to think about right? It’s because it’s ALL interconnected and your marketing should be running like a machine and include a variety of ways to that you can position yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t stop here! Below you can find eight steps to keep in mind when reaching out to reporters or producers for media coverage for your business. 


  1. Create a catchy headline, but make sure it doesn’t read like clickbait.
  2. Address your story pitch to the right reporter or producer and spell their name right. This may sound obvious, but many get this crucial step wrong.
  3. Avoid going into a long explanation of who you are and what you do in your introduction. This is the fastest way to lose the reader’s attention.
  4. Clearly identify your expertise, why your story idea is newsworthy and why it needs to be told now (this is your hook).
  5. Include info from recent studies or statistics that can back up your claims.
  6. Use bullet points to make your expertise tips easy and readable (3-4). Include tangible tips that are related to your expertise.
  7. Include a call to action and a couple different ways to connect with you including your cell number.
  8. Skip attaching a media kit and instead link to one in your sign-off, or include your social media handles.


about author

Jennifer is a former TV reporter turned entrepreneur, speaker and CEO of She’s Newsworthy Media. Before entrepreneurship Jennifer worked in the Canadian media industry for over 15 years as a reporter, producer and writer for CTV, CBC, Global and CP24. Jennifer has been featured in the Toronto Star and on CBC Radio, Global News and CTV speaking about imposter syndrome, women in business and the need for more inclusive marketing. Jennifer was also featured in a national campaign for International Women’s Day in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Canada and Pink Tartan.

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