One of the natural stages of human development which is quite normal is self-centredness.  Those of you who have children are likely quite familiar with the toddler who believes that the world revolves around him – he is at the centre of all things.  You, of course, know this to be untrue, but the toddler must discover, as he grows, that there is considerably more to his world and the world in general.

Teenagers are another shining example of self-centred behaviour.  Whether you have raised one, or just witnessed the antics of one, you know that teenagers often seem unable to see or care about the consequences of their actions; they want what they want and the rest of the household (or world) be damned.  Please notice that these behaviours are normal and natural in children, and they are stages – meaning as children mature they are not meant to pitch a tent here – they are meant to move on through.

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So when an adult throws a tantrum in a grocery store because the line moves too slow or they can only have one carton of eggs when they want three, what is happening?  In this candid conversation, Ovation Communication expert Jan Bailey and guest counselling therapist Kimberly Schaschl wonder that very thing.  Self-isolation and imposed isolation along with various restrictions of freedom seem to have regressed some people to a time of self-centred and childish behaviour.  

Rather than embodying a spirit of kindness, patience and understanding for the service others are providing, we have all witnessed those moments of downright mean spiritedness as people find they cannot have what they want. 

If you have had one of these moments, yourself, or have witnessed one of these moments and can’t quite figure it out, this candid conversation is for you.  With a little laughter and some forgiveness and a concrete strategy or two, we can move through this bizarre time and come out on the other side a little kinder, a little more understanding and a little more self-aware.  Join us as we make this journey together.

About the contributorS:

In their highly interactive workshops, OVATION speaker trainers have helped countless individuals transform their ability to connect to their audience and deliver authentic and meaningful messages with impact. Now, more than ever, communication with some oomph is an essential skill. At a time when our emotions swing from overwhelmed to irrational, our ability to communicate effectively follows suit and it can be hard to remove the anger, frustration or even fear from our voice, let alone from our message … and that can have all manner of consequences.

Shona Welsh, BA, MCEd, CHRL, CCC is a communication and speaking expert who has won numerous speaking, writing and learning design awards. The author of several books and designer/facilitator of hundreds of international workshops in speaking and communications, she has held international senior executive positions over three decades. She teaches extensively about leadership, communications, and innovation with numerous universities and colleges.

Jan Bailey BA, MAEd is a communication and speaking expert who has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops internationally on public speaking, stage presence, on-camera presentations, and communication. Along with writing and producing a ten-part career development series of books, Jan’s 27-year career has involved extensive on-camera experience as a television host along with being a long-time professor of communications.

Kimberly Schaschl BA BEd M.Ed Psych is a counselling therapist who has worked in the field of mental health and education for over 30 years. She has a wealth of experience assisting clients from school age to adulthood on a wide range of mental health and life management issues. She is a registered member of the College of Licensed Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick.

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