What if we told you that you ‘vote’ everyday for what you want in your community through the purchases you make? If there was an opportunity to vote for businesses that are helping to build the community you live in, would you?

Society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by government and nonprofits alone, so what are you doing to make an impact? Actions speak louder than words, and B Corps are creating a global movement with collective impact. Be a part of the movement and the solution at a local level! Are you in?

The idea of using ‘business as a force for good’ is the founding principle of a Beneficial Corporation or “B Corp”. Sandbox Centre is on a mission to make our region the B Corp focal point of Canada. We know you care, and now there is a way to show the nation just how much.

Sandbox Centre recently had the pleasure of hosting a one hour virtual moderated bootcamp, which included local B Corporations such as Busch Systems, Barriston Law, B Lab, Chickapea Pasta, and BCorp Experts from BDC. These organizations shared their stories on the B Corp certification journey, the importance of the B Corp movement, why they chose to go through the certification process, and where they hope to take this movement in the future. 

The Sandbox team was excited to share an announcement of new programming being hosted virtually this October 2020. The first B Corp 101 cohort will guide organizations who are ready to jump into the certification process with providing program supports to fully align you with moving forward and attaining certification. 

If you missed the session, take a look below. Hear great stories straight from the source, and get inspired to make a change!

Some of the main points covered include:

  • WHY B Corp
  • People, customers & investors are demanding better
  • B Corp Certification
  • Who can certify?
  • B Impact Assessment 
  • Legal Framework 
  • Benefits of certifying 

Webinar facilitators & Panelists

Craig Ryan, Director, Purpose Entrepreneurship

Craig Ryan is Director, Purpose Entrepreneurship at BDC. He has more than twenty years of experience providing strategy and policy advice to decision-makers in business, government and civil society. He never planned to be a banker but decided to give it a go upon learning that BDC was exclusively dedicated to people creating companies; he now leads its team to help grow Canada’s national movement of certified Beneficial corporations (B Corps). 

Craig has a masters in public administration from Harvard Kennedy School and sits on the boards of directors of Rise, a charity that provides loans and advice for people with mental health problems who are launching business projects, and NOVAlex Clinic, the charitable wing of the only B Corp law firm in Quebec.

Carla Heim, Senior Advisor, Purpose Entrepreneurship at the BDC

She is a leading figure in the national movement of entrepreneurs who use business as a force for good. i.e., they create for-profit companies that help build robust communities that are inclusively prosperous and climate resilient.  She is a national expert in on B Corp certification and the B Impact assessment tool and serves as the BDC / B Lab Partnership Lead. B Lab is the not-for-profit that is the creator of the international B Corp movement. 

Carla has thirty-plus years’ experience in owning, managing, advising and financing businesses.  She brings to entrepreneurs a singular mix of hands-on experience, deep expertise and – as a longstanding member of the national and global B Corp networks – knowledge of the latest, most innovative practices.

Joanne McPhail, Co-Managing Partner, Barriston LLP & Sandbox Centre Board Chair

Joanne is Co-Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Barriston LLP.  She is also a lawyer and certified specialist in Corporate Commercial Law. Joanne gets excited about words like team, community and outside the box thinking.  In 2019, Joanne led the charge at Barriston to become the first certified B Corp law firm in Ontario and the third (and largest) in Canada.  She is Chair of the Board of Sandbox and is very excited to help spread the word about B Corps among the Sandbox business community.

Keep learning. Be kind. 
Vision without Action is a Daydream.
Passionate parent, spouse and outdoor enthusiast.

Shelby Taylor, Founder & CEO, Chickapea Pasta

Shelby Taylor is an entrepreneur on a mission to create good for the world through nutritious, organic meal options. Shelby remains committed to using her business as a force for good and, in 2019, Chickapea was ranked in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations on the planet—a reflection of the company’s commitment to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Now with about six years of experience as an entrepreneur, Shelby continues to live outside her comfort zone, stand firm in her values, overcome challenges and embrace failures, and she tries to help others to do the same. As a certified women-owned business, Shelby is passionate about helping other women bring their dreams to life. Today, Shelby is the CEO of Chickapea in her hometown of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada where she lives with her husband and two children.

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