We know it’s on your mind, but is it top of mind? Businesses and communities are transforming the way they function to address climate related risks for the sustainability of our future. But how are they doing it? Becoming carbon neutral is more achievable than you might think. 

Becoming carbon neutral

In general, there are three key steps to becoming a carbon neutral business, including:

Benefits to becoming carbon neutral

The benefits associated with reaching carbon neutrality are wide stretching and include: 

  • Reduce climate impact to net zero 
  • Identify opportunities to reduce emissions 
  • Implementation of efficiency projects can reduce energy costs 
  • Demonstrate industry leadership 
  • Increase corporate social responsibility 
  • Increase employee retention, acquisition, and engagement 
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention 
  • Investment in GHG reduction and avoidance projects that have far reaching benefits

Becoming Carbon Neutral: What It Means For Your Business online Webinar

Feature Expert: Barriston Law & Carbonzero

On World Emissions Day, the Sandbox Centre and Barriston Law​ hosted Canada’s own Carbonzero​, an industry leader in greenhouse gas measurement, reduction, and offsetting solutions.

Watch the webinar below to learn how companies have approached the decision to commit to carbon neutrality. Find out how Barriston Law has been working with Carbonzero to offset its own greenhouse gas emissions and become carbon neutral.


Key Takeaways include:

  • Learning about what it means to be Carbon Neutral
  • Learning how Carbonzero calculates how a company could offset their emissions
  • Learning about local environmental projects that are working to offset carbon emissions


Carbonzero has been a North American industry leader in greenhouse gas measurement, reduction, and offsetting solutions for more than 15 years. Carbonzero works with leading Canadian and international brands to measure their corporate emissions and implement bold and ambitious GHG emissions reduction strategies. As net-zero carbon commitments continue to become more common in the low carbon economy, Carbonzero is positioned as a trusted partner to help organizations achieve their climate change goals. 

about the presenters

Dan Fraleigh

Chief Executive Officer at Carbonzero​

Dan Fraleigh is Chief Executive Officer at Carbonzero. He has built his career as an entrepreneur, Environmental Professional (EP) and carbon markets expert specializing in the development, marketing and sales of emission reductions projects, and greenhouse gas management/mitigation solutions.

Heather Kerrison

Communications Lead at Carbonzero​

Heather Kerrison is Communications Lead at Carbonzero, not only contributing to Carbonzero’s own brand, content and story but aiding in telling the stories of clients’ journeys as they measure, manage, and mitigate their own climate impacts.

Liam Conway

Chief Operating Officer at Carbonzero​

Liam Conway is Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, Advisory Services at Carbonzero. Liam has oversight for Carbonzero’s client deliverables, which range from greenhouse gas emissions inventories to the design and delivery of sustainability employee engagement program.

Jacklyn Tuckey

Lawyer at Barriston Law​ 

Jacklyn Tuckey is a civil litigator with Barriston Law, practicing primarily in the areas of employment, construction, and contract law. Jacklyn is the chair of Barriston’s B Corp Committee, and earned a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto before earning her law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Nadine Finbow

Lawyer at Barriston Law​ 

Nadine Finbow is a family lawyer with Barriston Law, providing efficient and effective counsel to clients in matters relating to separation, custody and access, child support, spousal support, division of family property, and adoption law. Nadine graduated from the University of Guelph with a double major in geography and history before attending law school at the University of Western Ontario. Nadine is chair of Barriston’s Green Committee.

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