Struggling with how to keep your content fresh and relatable? Are you suffering from writer’s block and everything in between when it comes to the outward flow of communication for your biz? Our network of experts are here to share their knowledge and lend a relatable shoulder to not cry on, but help you overcome those challenges! Hear about sharpening your presentation skills, content creation, social media strategies, public relations, brand management and awareness, creative projects, and much more.

Feature Expert: Ovation Speaker Training | Creating Intriguing Conversations

In a world where there are various platforms to speak your mind and share your story, it seems the muscle that helps us connect to people one-on-one has somewhat weakened. Are you so busy speaking your truth, or sharing your authentic self that you’ve forgotten how to gage your audience’s reaction? Are you so eager to share what your business does and collect a client that you talk ‘at’ people instead of ‘to’ them? How do you become the person people want to talk to in a networking setting?

Watch Communication and Speaking expert, Jan Bailey of Ovation Speaker Training, as she teaches us how to rebuild your foundation for creating intriguing interactions so that you’re able to start fascinating conversations that build relationships in your personal and professional circle.


Key Takeaways include:

  • Make yourself memorable at every meeting.
  • Find the ‘relate’ in relationship.
  • Recognize a monologue when you’re delivering it.
  • Learn to communicate what we care about so other people care about it too.
  • Conversation + Connection = Clients

Webinar facilitator

Jan Bailey
Communication Trainer & Executive Speaking Coach at OVATION Speaker Training

Jan Bailey BA, MAEd is a communication and speaking expert who has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops internationally on public speaking, stage presence, on-camera presentations, and communication. Along with writing and producing a ten-part career development series of books, Jan’s 27-year career has involved extensive on-camera experience as a television host along with being a long-time professor of communications.

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