Are you an entrepreneur looking to take your business online? Perhaps you’re already online and looking to take the next step in how your business can be developed further through e-commerce. We have stepped into a primarily digital world and if you aren’t online in some aspect it’s time to step up your game!

In our recent Experts in Residence session – Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Sandbox hosted expert Daryl Woytowicz of NetGain SEO, to discuss how Google Ads can be remarkably effective at attracting fresh business leads. Warning: you can waste a lot of money if your ads aren’t set up correctly! In this Experts In Residence session, we cover the do’s and don’t of digital advertising. Learn how to utilize Google Ads to the best of your ability without breaking the bank. Discover practical tips and techniques to optimize your online presence. 

Many questions were asked, and many were answered! Check out the video below to get acquainted with our experts, the topic, and leave this page knowing more about Google Ad’s and how to effectively use them to excel your marketing strategy.  

Some of the main points covered include:

  • Keywords you should and should NOT use
  • 3 types of Google ads and what they all mean 
  • The benefits of search ads and why you should run them
  • Split testing and what you can benefit from doing this 
  • Bid adjustments & Geotargeting 
  • How to measure Google Ads performance

Webinar facilitators

Daryl Woytowicz

Daryl Woytowicz is the Sales Manager at NetGain SEO. He helps businesses attract new customers through powerful web marketing strategies.  By improving online visibility, you’ll be found at the exact moment people are searching for your products and services.  And by paying attention to visitor experience, you’ll convert website visitors into paying customers.  For over 12 years, NetGain has specialized in digital marketing in Barrie.

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