Through its Save on Energy program, the provincial government of Ontario offers various grants and incent

SBX Road Trip! In February, the ladies of SBX met with partners of XcelerateHER to attend The Atelier Collective’s Niagara 2020 women entrepreneurship event. On the drive, we binged on The Birds Papaya podcasts – this was our strategy to ensure we enjoyed her keynote at the event in all its glory. We were buzzing with excitement – the thrill of heading somewhere new (that happens to be on a vineyard – cheers to Ravine Vineyard!), the joy of spending time with other ambitious women, and the inspiration that comes from hearing new perspectives and shared stories. 

The podcast fuelled our chatter about other favourite podcasts we’ve loved and decided we needed to share what podcasts are inspiring us and some of the other amazing women in our business community. Check ’em out! 

ives to households and businesses located within the province. The purpose of this article is to cover the current Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) grants and incentive programs.

The glossy podcast

I’m fascinated by the fashion industry and how quickly the landscape in fashion is evolving and shifting. This podcast is hosted by editor-in-chief Jill Manoff whose curiosity leads her to in-depth conversations with brand founders who are leading fashion forward. They dive into business strategies, challenges and discuss how brands will stay ahead. There are so many insights that can be applied to any business that’s building a brand, innovating or working to differentiate in a crowded marketplace.

Danielle Lazarevska | Sandbox Centre

The power in living a memorable life

Life moves at such a record breaking pace that I really try to make the most of each moment.

Darren Hardy captured “life” in “The Power in Living a Memorable Life” podcast that truly hit home. He quoted another by saying that ‘ life is a simple collection of our experiences’ and that every month he tries to create a heightened experience that has memorable intensity. If everyday blends into the next wouldn’t it be amazing to have a weekend that is unique and something that is out of the ordinary that you remember three years from now … Create an indelible memory.

Stephanie Gourlie | Discount Granite Plus

Under the influence

A Canadian podcast for anyone curious about what makes marketing work. Terry O’Reilly is a broadcaster, producer, ad exec, and masterful storyteller who deconstructs marketing using fascinating case studies. It’s where marketing, pop culture and behavioural science collide. 

The production is incredible, the episodes are short, and the lessons profound. There’s a reason Under the Influence keeps ranking in Apple’s best podcasts. Listen on all the usuals or on demand at CBC Radio. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

Shannon Ambeau | Gel Agency

unbeatable mind

This podcast is awesome. I’ve always been interested in how to improve mental focus whether it’s for physical training or professional development. I’m a firm believer that many of the obstacles we believe are wedged between us and success are mental obstacles that can, with time, be shoved out of our way. 

Hosted by retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine, the Unbeatable Mind podcast hits on subjects like trusting in your team, trusting in yourself, importance of yoga, being an adaptive athlete, neuroscience, embracing the suck and entrepreneurship just to name a few. Guests have included Gabrielle Reece, Chris Voss, Laird Hamilton, Gretchin Rubin, Neil Pasricha, endless medical professionals, business professionals and athletes. 

At the end of each podcast, I’m always left fascinated and eager to apply what I’ve learned to my professional and personal life. Definitely worth checking out!

Kristen Eatch | Downtown Barrie BIA

the blind stigma

Stacy-Ann Buchanan is a powerhouse of Mental Health Advocacy. Her shift began after battling mental illness while being a Black Jamaican Canadian. Her discovery while suffering in silence, was that mental illness was silenced among the black community and she wanted to find out why and how she could impact change. Her award winning 2015 documentary “The Blind Stigma” was born. 

Recently Stacy-Ann has teamed up with Dr Natasha Williams, a clinical psychologist to launch “The Blind Stigma Podcast”. As a black woman who has also suffered with her mental health in silence for so many years its a beautiful conversation that Stacy-Ann has started. The Blind Stigma podcast aims to provide a safe space that explores mental health within the black community, break down the stigmas attached, while taking back our black narratives. This podcast is a must listen for anyone who is looking to gain perspective on The Influence of Culture and Society on Mental Health.

Shelly Skinner | Shelly Skinner Events

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