In our recent look at what it takes to make a successful pivot in your business during these uncertain times, we’ve had some conversations that dig into the mentality and perspective required to have an innovative culture that would allow you to make a successful pivot. We had the opportunity to speak with Trefor Armstrong who operates as an Application Specialist at Innovative Automation. Trefor is at the forefront of their recent successful pivot to producing Ventilators for frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

We take a look at how they were able to pivot their business and answer the call of those on the front lines, as a result of their underlying innovative company culture combined with some surprising collaboration. We get the inside scoop at how this pivot unfolded, as well as how Innovative Automation is thinking sustainably – as they look down the road, post pandemic, to how the ventilators (once approved by Health Canada) can be more than a one off maneuver. 

about the contributorS

Trefor Armstrong – Application Specialist | Innovative Automation

Trefor joined the Innovative Automation team last September and has been assisting in providing project scope for their clients. Trefor’s connections and vision are the driving force behind the Ventilator Project.

· EIT right now (waiting on P.Eng confirmation)

· Mechanical Engineering – University of Guelph

· Minor in Business Administration – UoG

Specializing in SolidWorks, AutoCAD, DraftSight. Skills in design engineering, manufacturing, automation, cost analysis

Jesse Kerr – Creative Commissioner | Sandbox Centre

Jesse is always multitasking.. . . and seems to thrive when juggling priorities and deadlines.  He’d tell you he’s adaptable because he builds in room for error, adjustment, improvement, alteration and mitigation of foreseeable road blocks into his vision. However, anything that falls outside of this range of acceptability is quickly dispatched because “ain’t nobody got time for that”! He’s not good at collaborating in large groups – but he sure is good at entertaining them!  We’re pleased to offer you his perspective that includes his margin for error; alongside an imagineered vision of greatness. Question is – are we going for good, better or best? Cheers!

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