Action First Aid Inc, was started by Deb Hennig, in 1997. As a high school PhysED, Science and Outdoor Education teacher in York Region, Deb believed in the importance of having students trained in CPR. She initiated a program within her school by which students could receive training and certification from a Heart & Stroke instructor. Her keen interest in health promotion and disease prevention was top of mind and so began the business. SaveStation was founded by a group of likeminded individuals who saw the need to work together to create an easy to identify AED housing station so that the PUBLIC could quickly find any AED.

The Sandbox Centre & Action First Aid partnered to make sure that we would be able to TAKE ACTION to protect all those who visit our space.  The SaveStation AED is installed right by our main entrance.  The instructions on how to use the AED are posted right next to the cabinet.  There is also a naloxone kit available above the AED itself.

This collage of AEDs showcases, AEDs do not have a uniform deployment anywhere in the world.  Inspired by other iconic symbols the SaveStation team set out to create one visual standard for quick and easy identification of any AED indoors and out.

After the design was complete, the team at SaveStation set out to solve the missing education and awareness piece.  SaveStation designed educational videos that could be easily shared across an entire workforce. This provides constant education and awareness to empower the greatest number of people with the skills and confidence to take action until medical help arrives.

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