What do privacy breaches, unfair pricing, conflicts of interest, bribery and inside information all have in common? They’re all examples of Corporate Ethics issues. Separate from the harm they can cause to individuals or the public, these issues can also harm your business. These issues can sometimes lead to penalties or criminal sanctions and almost always lead to reputational harm. 

Perhaps your business is clear of all of the above – so, why should your business care about corporate ethics?  Find out by tuning in to our Experts in Residence session – The Legal Brief with Barriston Law.

Sandbox invites you to follow along as Joanne McPhail, Managing Partner at Barriston Law and Amee Sandhu, Founder and Principal Attorney at Lex Integra PC, give insights and practical strategies for protecting your business against ethical breaches, loss of reputation, and public scandals. 

Some great questions were asked and answered! Check out the video below to get acquainted with our experts, the topic, and leave this page feeling supported and more knowledgeable when it comes to corporate ethics and why your business should care.

Learn as they discuss:

  • The major ethical issues facing today’s businesses
  • Stories of business ethics gone wrong
  • The negative impact on public and investor relations, employees and the community
  • Concrete steps your business can take to prevent ethics scandals or potential crime

Webinar facilitators

Joanne McPhail
Managing Director, Barriston Law 

Joanne is Co-Managing Partner of Barriston Law and a Certified Specialist in Corporate Commercial Law. She is also an angel investor, property investor/developer and entrepreneur.  Joanne has a passion for anything business-related and team-driven and is thrilled to be part of the creation of the Sandbox.  Joanne firmly believes that “if we build it they will come” and is so excited to participate in all that the Sandbox has to offer, as a sponsor, speaker, eager collaborator and lifetime learner.

Keep learning. Be kind.

Vision without Action is a Daydream.

Passionate parent, spouse and outdoor enthusiast.

Amee Sandhu
Founder and Principal Attorney at Lex Integra PC

Amee is a lawyer and a certified ethics and compliance professional in Toronto, Canada. She is the Founder and Principal Attorney at Lex Integra PC, a firm that exclusively focuses on business law and corporate ethics.  Lex Integra is a PENDING B Corp company. Amee helps clients reduce their legal and integrity risks by negotiating contracts, building ethics and compliance programs, and providing commercial legal services. She frequently speaks on corporate ethics, anti-corruption law, and compliance programs. She blogs about common legal questions that businesses of all sizes face.

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