International Women’s Day occurs on March 8th every year. This day is spent celebrating, recognizing, and lifting up all women who deserve to be empowered.

In prep for a month full of supporting other women’s events happening in our surrounding region, we thought to ourselves – why just one day? Why stop at one day and not celebrate all month, and better yet, all year long? 

Sandbox, in partnership with XcelerateHER, took these thoughts and decided that the whole month of March needed dedication to showcasing the amazing women in our business region who have positively impacted our business community. On March 1st, a social media campaign was launched by the collective of XcelerateHER – Sandbox Centre, Town of Innisfil, Georgian College Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre, and City of BarrieThe collective profiled a woman each day on their social accounts for the month of March to showcase the importance of celebrating women more than just one day out of the entire year.

Echoing the launch of the Government of Canada’s #BecauseOfYou campaign, as well as International Women’s Day #EachForEqual campaign, the collective reocgnized women in business who have made our surrounding region stronger by breaking barriers, challenging cultural and societal norms, advocating for change, and advancing equality in their respective fields.

We aimed to curate a cohesive look and feel to the campaign, and with that, create connection among the followers to all of our social channels. Being personable was key, so having a personal story reflect the reason why we were celebrating each woman helped people following the campaign feel as connected as we are to the women profiled. We wanted to our followers to be able to connect the dots and know exactly why these woman are #AMBITIOUS, #COURAGEOUS, #STRONG, #VISIONARY, and more. 

We wanted to raise awareness about the community of women XcelerateHER is currently building. The XcelerateHER community connects women entrepreneurs to events, peer groups, mentorship, funding, and support. XcelerateHER is the one degree of separation between the resources and connections you need to scale and grow your business.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the social campaign – no worries! The video above is a testament to the fact that women thrive in community, and no matter how large or small your network is, the challenges you have to face, or obstacles you have to get around, it is because of one another that WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

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