Keeping your website full of content that is fresh, relatable, and engaging is a task that every marketer strives to constantly deliver. And throwing SEO rankings into the mix? PHEWF. The struggle is real. 

In our recent Experts in Residence session – Marketing 101, Sandbox Centre virtually hosted SEO expert Daryl Woytowicz of Netgain SEO assisted viewers with learning how to rank in Google searches through strategic content creation. While your competitors are asleep at the wheel, our expert was able to provide some insights on how to improve your online visibility and attract more business leads. These simple, but powerful, copy writing techniques ensure you’ll get noticed by Google!

Many questions were asked, and many were answered! Check out the video below to get acquainted with our expert, the topic, and leave this page feeling supported and more knowledgeable when it comes to getting your website noticed online. 


Some of the main points covered include:

  • What are the important facets of your website that will boost your ranking?
  • Attracting Search Engine Traffic – importance of optimizing a website so people can easily find it
  • Content Strategy, Geographic Strategy, and Business Blogging
  • Keyword Research
  • Writing Tips
  • Low Quality Page VS. High Quality Page
  • & much more!

Webinar facilitators

      Daryl Woytowicz, Sales Manager, Netgain SEO

Daryl is the Sales Manager at NetGain SEO. He helps businesses attract new customers through powerful web marketing strategies.  By improving online visibility, you’ll be found at the exact moment people are searching for your products and services.  And by paying attention to visitor experience, you’ll convert website visitors into paying customers.  For over 12 years, NetGain has specialized in digital marketing in Barrie.

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