During the dark days of the Second World War, Winston Churchill made numerous speeches that would come to define his stature as a war time leader. While we are not currently at war, we are experiencing a global crisis, and the same communications strategies Churchill employed to inspire the British public are the exact ones leaders can use today.

In this Candid Conversation, Shona Welsh shares leadership communication tips she has honed over decades of leading change initiatives in organizations. Counseling Therapist Kimberly Schaschl explores with Shona two key strategies:

  1. Truth Telling: 3 rules for ensuring leaders are transparent.
  2. Creating Hope: The flipside of the Truth coin.

The power of language on expectations

In one of his first speeches as Prime Minister, Churchill promised the people of Britain that he ‘…could only offer blood, sweat, and tears” – and that was before the worst days of World War II. 3 weeks later, following the miraculous evacuation at Dunkirk, he rallied them with “…We shall fight on the beaches… We shall never surrender!”

Churchill, by some people’s standards, took a risk – he told the ‘ugly’ truth but ensured he balanced it with a generous serving of hope.  Join us to discover how you can do the same as a leader in this unusual economic time.

About the contributorS:

In their highly interactive workshops, OVATION speaker trainers have helped countless individuals transform their ability to connect to their audience and deliver authentic and meaningful messages with impact. Now, more than ever, communication with some oomph is an essential skill. At a time when our emotions swing from overwhelmed to irrational, our ability to communicate effectively follows suit and it can be hard to remove the anger, frustration or even fear from our voice, let alone from our message … and that can have all manner of consequences.

Shona Welsh, BA, MCEd, CHRL, CCC is a communication and speaking expert who has won numerous speaking, writing and learning design awards. The author of several books and designer/facilitator of hundreds of international workshops in speaking and communications, she has held international senior executive positions over three decades. She teaches extensively about leadership, communications, and innovation with numerous universities and colleges.

Jan Bailey BA, MAEd is a communication and speaking expert who has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops internationally on public speaking, stage presence, on-camera presentations, and communication. Along with writing and producing a ten-part career development series of books, Jan’s 27-year career has involved extensive on-camera experience as a television host along with being a long-time professor of communications.

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