Whether you run a small business or are an employee of one, investing in professional development increases your value on the job. There are many ways to improve your skillset personally and professionally. Whether you’re interested in honing presentation skills, leadership skills, or other industry-specific skills, setting professional development goals can help.

At Sandbox Centre, we work closely with businesses and their employees to develop learning opportunities for long-term success. One of the ways we help our clients succeed is by providing useful industry-specific information. Here, we’ll discuss some of the things we’ve learned through experience with goal setting and professional development.

Aligning your personal goals with available options

There’s nothing more disappointing than realizing you’ve set unobtainable career goals for yourself. It makes it difficult to get out of your comfort zone again in the future. Setting realistic goals based on your available options provides you with plenty of achievable professional development opportunities.

For example, if one of the ways you want to improve yourself is by increasing knowledge skills, look for available options for in-house training, external courses, and community programs relevant to your field. Goals are important and when you create high-quality goals you can successfully manage, you’re more likely to gain self-esteem and self-reliance as you go.

Access of relevant business networks which will advance your position

There’s no advantage in overcoming business hurdles alone. In fact, working with business networks to achieve your goals is a huge benefit. Many modern businesses rely on a structured series of partner businesses to get ahead. Whether you take information, share services, or simply form good terms for future connections, business networking is extremely helpful.

A good place to begin building these professional friendships is through local information sessions, conventions, and online networking sites like BNI, Eventbrite and SCORE. You can also check with local business resource providers, like our office here at Sandbox Centre. We partner new businesses with peers and mentors all the time, helping to forge lifelong connections that assist in future business success.

Successfully managing business networking goals, counts toward your professional development by improving public speaking and marketing skills.

Unlocking new potential through networking with pro dev groups & assiciations

It’s not just other businesses you should network with. Many professional development groups and associations offer benefits for those who invest time networking with them. These groups have connections to the best and brightest in your field and can connect you with other local businesses, or provide unique industry information to help you excel.

Goals are important and spending time achieving those goals is equally relevant. When you connect with pro dev groups, you not only get a leg up at reaching goals but help with setting appropriate goals as well. Investing in help from organizations that specialize in this sort of development could give you the help you need to overcome current obstacles and supersede the competition.

New technological advancements

If there’s one area worth investing in for professional development, it’s technology. The technology sector is constantly evolving and with these changes comes the need to know how to use new tools, new software, and new apps. From mobile phones and tablets to laptops and computers and beyond, there’s no end to the way companies are incorporating new technology into their frameworks.

If you work in a business where technology plays a role, even a minimal one, understanding that technology inside and out is a plus. Investing in internal training programs or online tech courses is a great way to get ahead and prove yourself as a valuable team player.

Technology will never be an irrelevant part of business, so this is a risk-free investment, especially if your company switches tools and software regularly.

Work with sandbox centre

If you’re considering investing in professional development but aren’t sure where to start, check out our CNNX Groups. Our bespoke business support opportunities include professional development assistance and networking suggestions.

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