Creating professional goals is an important part of encouraging growth in business. No matter how successful you were in 2019, there’s room for improvement throughout the New Year. Examining where you’ve missed out in the past and what you’d like to accomplish in the future is a great way to get started.

The past few years have seen many changes to the traditional business framework we grew up with. Things like social impact and environmental accountability are being focused on more consistently than ever before. We’re also seeing greater importance placed on personal development and the role it plays in business success.

Sandbox Centre is a company dedicated to the growth and development of business and economy here in Canada. Located in Barrie, Ontario, we take great pride in our community and the advancements Barrie has made in sustainable business. We work closely with many start-ups here in the area, so we hear a lot about goals, plans, achievements and offer constructive feedback on how to move forward. Here, we’d like to discuss the importance of choosing achievable short-term goals and how this impacts career development.

Things you didn’t achieve in 2019

Before you begin to set career goals for 2020, it’s crucial you review professional development goals of 2019. Specifically, the ones that didn’t come to fruition. This can be disappointing, but also enlightening. Not only will you begin to see a pattern of missing pieces in your business plan, but also you’ll see opportunities for growth in those areas this year.

Career planning comes with the burden of assessing things we’ve left unachieved and replacing those goals with new smart goals. Sometimes, it simply means rearranging a few elements of a goal. For example, if you wanted to improve the level of innovation in your business for 2019 and fell short, 2020 might be the year to elect an innovation champion. Or, it might be the year to implement training programs for new technology, so more employees have access to the knowledge and skills to get innovative and creative. Whatever the case, it’s ok to miss out on professional development goals, if you’re willing to embrace some changes in the future.

For many Canadian companies, the changes taking place are already geared toward social responsibility and technological advancement

It’s become obvious that being accountable for our company impacts on the environment and society is important. Just as updating software and using the latest apps and tools is important to the ongoing research and development aspects of a company.

Over 2020, what kinds of changes do you want to see in your company? After compiling last year’s hits and misses, were there things you wanted to attempt again this year? Or, is your company going in a completely different direction. According to Forbes, some of the current trends in the business sector for 2020 include:

  • Investing in streaming – Streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime have been getting a run for their money this past year with Disney +, Hulu, Crave, and other such carriers jumping on the streaming bandwagon. More production and video companies are investing in streaming sites over traditional video release.
  • Stronger privacy acts for personal websites and social media – The Facebook scandal of previous years has taught consumers to be more careful with personal information. It’s also placed a black mark on any company caught pulling client data from these sites. In 2020 you should see more businesses opting to take the higher road, implementing privacy acts to protect themselves and their customers.
  • Purpose beyond profit – Again, the social aspect of business has come into focus. It appears that one of the major trends in 2020 will be environmental and social accountability among North American organizations.
  • Equality in the workplace – The #MeToo movement made much-needed waves last year and shone a light on the inconsistencies in male and female roles in North America. Not only in relationships, politics, and among celebrities, but right here in Canada. In our workplaces, homes, and schools. This year we’ll see more companies implementing programs and training for women, pay equalization between men and women, and other such changes.
  • Changes in cloud carriers – Since the invention of “the cloud” tech companies around the world have been competing to gain the upper hand. This year there will be more cloud carriers and companies may begin experimenting with new cloud carriers for a chance at more space for less money.
  • Companies going public – Finally, there’s been a sudden spike in IPOs. Interest in going public may have been increased by the successes of brands like Aramco.

Whether your 2020 goals include career education, better cooperation by team members, or new products and services, setting goals is easier when you create a plan to achieve them.

Where do you see the brand of you in five to ten years?

Although it’s important to set both short- and long-term career goals, the ultimate goal is where you see your brand in the next decade. These big goals take many tiny goals to achieve, which is why deciphering missed opportunities from 2019 and designing new ones for 2020 is so crucial.

Some ideas for ongoing goals to achieve in the next five to ten years include:

  • Decreasing carbon footprint by choosing recyclable packing materials
  • Creating and implementing a new form of customer engagement
  • Increase employee count
  • Develop employee training and incentive programs
  • Reduce business expenses by 25%

Your goals will depend entirely on the type of business you run, the industry you’re in, and the kind of support you have.

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