Thirsty for knowledge? The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly, leaving so much unknown about how it will affect businesses and their continuity.

Sandbox invited you to BYOB and quench your thirst with the lawyers of Barriston Law and special guest from Carroll Heyd Chown LLP on this week’s topic: Your Commercial Lease – how does COVID-19 impact your rights and obligations? Can business interruption insurance help?

Some of the main points covered include:

  • Business interruption insurance will depend on the wording in each policy
  • There will be novel interpretations of commercial leases clauses following COVID-19 disruption 
  • Looking for Relief, Force Majeure or Frustration?

About the panelists

Janice Mumberson

Janice provides counsel to the clients of Barriston Law in the areas of corporate and commercial law, wills and estates, and real estate. Janice focuses on understanding her clients’ business and goals to ensure they receive the best possible advice. Janice was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) in June 2013 after earning her law degree from the Queen’s University Faculty of Law.

Edward (Ted) Chadderton

Ted handles complex litigation files, ranging from product liability, recreation sports and facility liability, insurance disputes and other multi-party litigation at Carroll Heyd Chown LLP. Ted is known for being a voice of reason on files and strives to consider not just his clients’ legal position but also a broader consideration of their business or personal interests. He has been a partner at CHC since 2005, following his articles and two years of practice at Bay Street firms in Toronto and five years practicing in Barrie. Ted has been involved in many different facets of life in Simcoe County and Huronia, from managing a live music venue in Muskoka (the Kee to Bala), to coaching Timbits soccer to acting as both legal counsel and prop master for a competitive dance studio team. Ted is a past President of the Simcoe County Law Association where he was charged with promoting the needs and interests of the nearly 400 member lawyers in Simcoe County. He was recently appointed Vice-Chair of Board of Directors of LibraryCo Inc., the corporation which undertakes the central management of the Ontario county courthouse library system.

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  1. I just looked up frustration of contract. “unforeseen circumstances that render the contract fundamentally different from its original intended character.” how is this not frustration given the closures due to covid 19

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