Are you in finance and responsible for IT operations?  If so, this blog post is for you.

IT often reports to finance, and finance has a limited knowledge of IT needs and operations.

The challenge is the understanding in IT policies, decision making models, budget approach, and technology knowledge.

The good news is that good business leaders have the skills necessary to manage technical departments.

But you do need to have a few “rules of engagement”.

Let’s start with the request for new equipment or software… IT asks for $80,000 of funding… what should you do?

Question 1: What is the value to the business from this investment?

Question 2: What would the value be if we purchased a higher cost solution?

Question 3: What would the value be if we purchased a lower cost solution?

For you as the leader, the issue is value to the business – you can manage this type of decision all day long. 

Deciding what server specification or application specifications is typically outside your wheelhouse of knowledge.

So, focus on your solid leadership skills to assess and measure value when dealing with IT issues. If IT staff cannot describe the value to the business, then that is serious problem. IT exists to serve the business and they should be tuned to business needs and value.


David Reimer is the Principle of Reimer Consulting, a technology-based consulting firm. Measuring corporate strategies against IT capabilities and closing the resulting gap is a core skill set. Documenting and re-engineering business processes, as a precursor to sourcing and implementing CRM or ERP systems, is also a key service. We also provide software acquisition and deployment services.

As a strategic adviser, Reimer Consulting provides process advisory services to a wide range of organizations that are building a strong export portfolio.

Author: David Reimer


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