Whether you’re looking for one to one support, that missing piece of information, to make your mark on the world or even to update your professional growth or that of your team; Sandbox Centre programs and those of our partners are designed to connect you to the resources you need to succeed!

Actions speak louder than words and B Corps are creating a global movement with collective impact. Sandbox Centre is on the mission to make our region the B Corps hotbed of Canada.

Access top notch perspectives in business law, e-commerce, finance, marketing, accounting, communications and so much more! Attend virtual group sessions or book personal appointments through our Entrepreneurs in Residence sub programs focused on planning, startup & expansion!

Sandbox Centre, and Partners that are committed to making change, excitedly invite you to join the Equity SequenceTM Program. Become equipped with the framework and tool that can be used in every day life, work, and any key decision to reduce bias, make it more inclusive, and equitable. Delivered virtually, this program will have you making change from day one with one question and one decision at a time when applying to real-world scenarios. Do you observe or experience inequity and care about making change? Join us. Whether it’s a quick leap or a massive cannonball, now is the time to jump into creating a wave of epic impact for the future of our organizations, our region, and the next generation of courageous innovators.

Join the NEXT virtual cohort oct.26 2021

Build the right export plan for your business with expert resources, advice, and hands-on mentorship.

The program begins with an intensive two-day workshop to orient participating companies on the program, the exporting resources available to them and how they can build and implement a new market entry plan. Program partners and other experts share insights on international business development and exporting.

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Whether it is for you or your team, connection to community, expertise & shared knowledge awaits!

IP Osgoode and the Sandbox Centre have officially launched a partnership to better equip early stage ventures seeking to commercialize their products.

IP Osgoode will provide free intellectual property (IP) legal information, awareness and education to the Sandbox Centre members and the local business community through their Innovation Clinic.

Futurpreneur Canada is proud to present the Growth Accelerator, an exciting opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs who are looking to take their businesses to new heights.

If you’ve launched an innovative business, have demonstrated a track record of revenue growth and are ready to make key decisions about expansion, the Growth Accelerator could be exactly what you need to take your start-up to the next level.

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