The SBX Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) program offers touch mentorship, advice and support for startups as well as small-medium businesses. Our EIR’s are available by appointment! SBX EIR’s are best suited to offer their years of industry expertise to in-market businesses who are looking to overcome challenges associated to operations, sales, market penetration, organizational changes, finance, governance and product fit.

Reach out to us at info@sandboxcentre.com for more!

We believe shared knowledge and experience strengthen our business community. Access top notch perspectives in business law, finance, marketing, accounting, communications and so much more.



Build the right export plan for your business with expert resources, advice, and hands-on mentorship.

The program begins with an intensive two-day workshop to orient participating companies on the program, the exporting resources available to them and how they can build and implement a new market entry plan. Program partners and other experts share insights on international business development and exporting.


IP Osgoode and the Sandbox Centre have officially launched a partnership to better equip early stage ventures seeking to commercialize their products.

IP Osgoode will provide free intellectual property (IP) legal information, awareness and education to the Sandbox Centre members and the local business community through their Innovation Clinic.


Students who participate in Junior Achievers programs gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life. Our programs prepare them to innovate, take on leadership roles and go after their dreams. JA programs inspire students to understand their potential, set life goals and succeed at school and in business. We accomplish this by partnering with teachers and dedicated volunteers who bring the “real world” into the classroom.